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African sneak&peak, or how to ramp up your conversion in south africa

African sneak&peak, or how to ramp up your conversion in south africa

For those actively working with South Africa, we have gathered a small piece of info to optimize and potentially increase CR from FTD registration.

Let’s make a reservation right away: such optimization leads to an increase in the cost of a lead, but this is compensated by a better conversion and higher payout on the broker/network side since the retention of such leads will be higher than with a regular target.

Now let’s talk about history and demographics. 

South Africa was once colonized by different countries, and immigrants from all over Europe came here for various reasons. We’re not going too much into detail, just some key facts:

  • English is the second most spoken language among white Africans; it is spoken by 39% of South Africans;
  • Most of the “white” Africans live in Johannesburg and Cape Town;
  • 3.5 million European tourists visit Cape Town every year, among them: the Dutch, Brits, Germans, and residents of the Nordic countries, mostly solvent audience, so this is a great opportunity to “catch” the “clients” we need;

And now we will show how our conversion changed when we changed the targeting from South Africa in general to two cities only: Cape Town and Johannesburg.


  • Traffic Source: FB
  • Accounts with $50 
  • Placements: FB feed
  • Creatives and tricks: The success story
  • Landing: BTC UP

1) Here are the results: wide target M/F 35+, the whole country

2) After optimization, targeting only two cities: same M/F 35+, Cape Town + Johannesburg

Unfortunately, there are no scripts on FB costs, everything is banned and there is no access to accounts. But I’ll say from memory that the price of a lead has increased, but we leveled it with increased conversion and we also increased the payout on the GEO in general, since the broker would be very pleased with the traffic.

One more thing (anticipating the smarties, who will start writing about the “strange” ratio of clicks2leads) when you work with traffic through API it’s an absolutely normal story when the number of clicks = the number of leads.

For everyone else, we recommend not to be lazy and always do research. Also, don’t jump from one geo to another in search of the magic “give me my money” button. Research, experiment with promos, and profit is guaranteed.

Good luck to all!

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