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GULYANKA party in Warsaw
Apr 15, 2024 Warsaw Offline

GULYANKA party in Warsaw

What's going on

G GATE has announced the upcoming GULYANKA party in Warsaw.

A must-attend event is scheduled for April 15 at the Butelkownia venue in the city’s heart. Only the industry heavy hitters and influential people will be admitted, with 300 attendees anticipated.

The show features sets from world-renowned DJs who have lit up the greatest dance floors around Europe. The ferocious Armina will fuse Electro and Melodic Techno. In addition, DJ Krismi will perform a captivating set of Progressive House. 

Incredible setting in Warsaw’s historic Prague area, home of the city’s first cultural and entertainment complex. 12,000 square feet. Lounge for designers with shared office space. 

Food and drink will be available all night, along with free premium booze, interactive spaces, and entertainment.


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