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The weekly geo digest

The weekly geo digest

19.09.2022 – 26.09.2022

The end of Q3 is usually a slowdown before the last but most profitable breakthrough of the year. We anticipate increasing volumes of leads from publishers and are getting ready to conquer new peaks together with our partners in the 4th quarter.

In the meantime, let’s look behind the scenes of our weekly GEO Digest.

Let’s start with a rather unusual GEO — Colombia. The past week showed a pretty good result on Facebook traffic of 5.1% average CR and $22 EPL. The funnel — Bitcoin Loophole.

Kenya also shows a decent average weekly result on mixed traffic sources — 4.55% CR and $20 EPL, respectively. The funnel — BitIQ.

These locations will be a great option for those with limited resources or budgets, or in case you’re a beginner or a solo affiliate. If you are using accounts with $50 or $250 spending limits, you’ll be able to generate a decent amount of leads, and ROI Collective will take care of the high conversion rate.

Next come our irreplaceable leaders.

United Kingdom showed great results on mixed traffic and BitIQ funnel — average CR of 21.05% and $210 EPL. One of the favorites of this week.

The leader of the week is undoubtedly the campaign in Belgium with its staggering 38% CR & $316 EPL. Traffic sources — Google Search, the funnel — Bitcoin Trader.

Email Traffic has also shown some decent results:

Australia closed at 11.76% CR and $129 EPL; Bitcoin Trader funnel.
Germany, in turn, showed a very similar result – 11.11% CR and $122; BitIQ’s funnel./

And, of course, one of the long-time leaders — Canada. GDN traffic and Bitcoin Trader funnel, the average rates of which for the last week are: CR 28.57% and 257$ EPL, respectively.

That’s it for now! Don’t catch a cold or flu & stay tuned for more.

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