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Weekly geo digest

Weekly geo digest

Q4 is underway and despite many publishers having account issues, we’ve prepared something delicious to share with you this week. 

We will traditionally start with our leaders — strong tier-1,2 geos that are consistently showing steady results. And yet we do have some fascinating changes in our top performers’ list. 

Germany is served first with an astonishing campaign promoted on Google’s DV360 source, with 18.13% CR and $181.3 EPL. The volumes are super high here, meaning this traffic source allows generous spending. Bit Index AI funnel is used. 

Another snack is Austria — fragrant, like a freshly-printed invigorating bag of cash served in bed in the early morning. This FB campaign boasts a confident CR of 15.35% and $161 EPL. Promoted with Oil Profit. Volumes within this campaign clearly state that FB is alive and kicking; one needs to do an extra lap to crack it. 

Time for a short aperitif break: France is served on a golden plate of search traffic with a solid 9.48% CR and $71 EPL. Promoted on Bitcoin Era, quite a seasoned funnel itself. But proper aging is a sign of quality, they say 😉

Closing in on a variety of LATAM main courses.

CL promoted with the use of FB traffic results in 6.45% CR and $38.7 EPL with its Bitcoin Era funnel. For those who promote it the CPL-based way, we recommend paying attention, as the result here is almost twice higher than EPL, but promoted on a CPA basis. 

Panama, with its surprisingly spicy 7% CR and $32 EPL, proves that its tier-3 GEO can still bring great ROIs. Promoted on GDN with Bitcoin Up funnel. 

Brazil is served cold today —  2.32% and $10.4 EPL. A bit mediocre, but those who promote it can occasionally still pull out some ROIs, just not as high as other LATAM geos highlighted. Promoted on a mix of display traffic with BitIQ funnel. 

Last but not least comes Peru with 4.16% CR and $19 EPL, promoted on FB with Bitcoin Profit funnel. 

Time for a dessert. Ready to serve you a portion of handpicked sweet & sour geos from the southeast part of the world. 

First comes India with its gingery 4.66% CR and $16.3 EPL, with a mix of display and FB traffic. Promoted with Ethereum code funnel. 

South Africa follows with a 7.21% average CR and $45.1 EPL, which is untypically high for this country, especially considering the traffic source used — POP/PUSH on the Immediate Edge funnel. Just another proof — it’s still kicking, fellas. 

With 2.97% CR and $13.36 EPL promoted on FB with Bitcoin Loophole funnel, Kenya sums up this round. And we are ready to move to digestive. 

And it’s Romania. Served last with 4,71% CR and $18.8 EPL, promoted with Bitcode and FB traffic. Enjoy.


Hope you did enjoy this delicioso 🤌 weekly outlook, people. Stay tuned for more, and stay hungry for the buck. See you next month. 

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