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Tier-2/3 GEO That Deserves a Chance. Low Competition, High Traffic Volume: This is Peru

Tier-2/3 GEO That Deserves a Chance. Low Competition, High Traffic Volume: This is Peru

Countries that are hidden between Tier-2 and Tier-3 are great opportunities for crypto. 

Cheap traffic and good payouts found in those countries speed up the search for tools — and result in excellent profits. The target audience of about 10 million people is a sure sign that whatever you’re going to use will live long enough to not only recoup the costs of tests but bring a profit with four zeros at least. 

Today, it’s Peru. A developing country, constantly being forgotten by affiliate marketers, which creates great conditions for traffic direction. But keep in mind: this GEO is special and should be treated as such. It’s better not to be approached with zero understanding of local customs, mentality, and other factors. And this is something we’re explaining in this short guide.

The GEO in detail

More than 34 million people live in Peru, and this number only grows due to a high birth rate. Even the negative net migration does not really affect the number of citizens.

About 75% of the population uses the Internet. Basically, it’s only the people of rural areas who don’t go online as they simply have no access to it.

One of the interesting features of the country is the significantly predominant desktop traffic, which takes 60% of the total volume. However, the share of mobile traffic is steadily increasing year by year.

This is not to say that the number of Internet users is growing rapidly. The vast majority of those who wanted and needed access to the World Wide Web already got it. More than 95% have access to banking services and active debit or credit cards, which is great for the crypto vertical.

Given the significant wealth stratification between big-city and rural dwellers, it makes sense to target only big cities:

  • Lima; 
  • Arequipa; 
  • Trujillo; 
  • Chiclayo; 
  • Huancayo.

When directing traffic to mobile devices, better limit the OS versions to the most current ones. 

Poor Internet speed and its relatively high price give us a hint: you’d better go with static creos and optimized web pages, leaving no heavy design elements or animations in place. 

The most popular social networks and sites: 

  • Google;
  • YouTube;
  • Facebook;
  • Whatsapp;
  • Instagram;
  • Twitter;
  • Twitch;
  • TikTok.

The monthly income of the average Peruvian does not exceed $500. This means the majority do not have any extra money but have a wish and motivation to touch a better life. 

Besides, there are plenty of wealthy people in Peru and everyone can see how beautiful their life is. Here are some triggers for this geo:

  • Wanting to live in a nice beautiful neighborhood;
  • Craving for branded stylish gadgets or clothes;
  • Poor-quality medical services;
  • Opportunity to help the family;
  • Money to pay for a kid’s education, which can be quite expensive in this country.

When working on creatives and choosing promo characters, figure out who exactly you’re targeting. The wealthy part of the population are white people, and the larger but poorer Peruvians are the descendants of local Indians. The approaches will be different.

Peruvians look up to Europeans, so using the white man as a role model is appropriate.

The language you want to use is Spanish; few people in Peru speak English.  

Excessive emotionality, typical for the region’s residents, often leads to rash decisions and purchases, which means your call center employees should get through to the leads ASAP.

The interest in cryptocurrencies remains high. However, most people only know about BTC and ETH so either start from the most-knows coins or focus on how new coins are more attractive in terms of ease of entry & speed of receipt & profits.

Famous people / Influencers

We don’t recommend using politicians in your creos as it might lead to unpredictable reactions among your target audience. People of Peru have different, often unkind, attitudes toward some of the political figures — and it’s better not to mess with them.  

Here is a list of people who are respected and called Peruvian opinion leaders:

  1. José Paolo Guerrero Gonzales. Football player.
  2. Luis Advíncula. Football player.
  3. Jefferson Farfán. Football player.
  4. Hernando de Soto. Economist.
  5. Isabel Allende. Writer.
  6. Rafael Bernardo López Aliaga Cazorla. Engineer, businessman, less known as a politician.
  7. Antonio Guillermo Succar Tayrako. Musician. 

Additional details

A bit of useful data that might come in handy when working with Peru:

Popular banks:

  • BCP;
  • BBVA Peru;
  • Scotiabank Peru;
  • Banco Internacional.

Major Internet media:

  • yahoo.com;
  • elcomercio.pe;
  • larepublica.pe;
  • rpp.pe;
  • msn.com.

Popular TV shows:

  • Esto es Guerra;
  • Combate;
  • Bailando por un sueño;
  • Aventura 0: SS Nights.

Peru has enough people with money in their hands. At the same time, the average person does not live in a mansion and dreams of making more money. The Indians themselves put the white population above them and want to be and act just like white people. There are many triggers through which a Peruvian can be motivated to invest in cryptocurrency.

Using the information in this material, you will quickly find the right tools and get the profits you want. Fortunately, cheap traffic allows it.

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