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Proxy Sale Review: How to Remain Anonymous on the Internet

Proxy Sale Review: How to Remain Anonymous on the Internet

Proxy servers are extremely important for affiliate marketers. They provide the necessary tools to manage multiple accounts, bypass anti-fraud measures, and hide personal information by changing IP addresses. That’s why we want to share our experience with Proxy Sale, a highly regarded proxy service provider in the affiliate marketing community.

Proxy Sale has been in the market since 2015 and is backed by Internet Connection Broker LTD, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. They offer a range of features that make online activities easier, such as an IP checker, ping test, port scanner, and IP tracer. It’s useful to understand these features to make the most of the service. In this article, we will take a closer look at Proxy Sale and explore everything it offers in more detail.

Features and benefits of Proxy Sale

So, on the platform, in addition to the new IP, there are a dozen different features that in one way or another help the affiliate do his job. Not all features require detailed consideration, but here are a couple that you definitely need to know about:

  • My IP Check — Seeing your online presence

This tool provides information about your current IP address. It not only tells you your location but also reveals details that servers can see, such as your operating system and internet service provider.

  • Free Proxy Checker — Your personal proxy verifier

The Proxy Checker is a unique tool that allows you to verify proxy settings. It checks the level of anonymity, measures the ping (response time), and assesses the connection speed. It can be used to check both free and paid proxy servers, as long as they support HTTP and SOCKS protocols.

To use the Proxy Checker, simply enter a list of proxy addresses, click “Check proxy,” and you will receive a full report. Affiliate marketers always use a proxy checker to ensure that the proxies they use are reliable and effective.

  • IP Port Scanner — Radar in the World ща Networks 

The IP Port Scanner offered by Proxy-sale.com is a valuable tool for network administrators. It allows them to check for open ports on servers and ensure the security of the network connection. Even regular users can benefit from this tool by getting assistance from experienced professionals in configuring their proxy settings correctly.

  • Ping Test — Monitoring the Internet connection

If you want to avoid issues like frequent freezing and slow internet speeds, it’s a good idea to perform a ping test. At Proxy Sale, you can select the IP address of the server you want to test, set the parameters, and run the test. This service will measure the stability of your connection by calculating the time it takes for data packets to travel to the server and back.

  • Anonymity Check — A Shield From Prying Eyes

The anonymity check tool helps you assess your level of anonymity while browsing the internet. It provides a simple result, indicating whether the server can see your personal information or not. By using this tool, you can configure your connections for maximum efficiency and address any leaks or vulnerabilities promptly.

  • Proxy Server Speed Test — Internet Speedometer

The proxy server speed test is a tool that measures the speed of data transfer and estimates the loading time of web pages. It acts as a speedometer for your internet connection, helping you evaluate the performance and efficiency of your proxy server.

  • IPv6 Availability Validator — A Guide to the IPv6 World

The IPv6 Availability Validator is a simple tool that helps you save money. It allows you to check if a server you want to connect to supports the IPv6 protocol. This way, you can avoid wasting money on a proxy that won’t work for your needs.

  • IP Blacklist Checker — Pathfinder in the Security World

The IP Blacklist Checker is a useful tool for security purposes. Sometimes, an IP address can be blacklisted without the user’s knowledge. This can cause problems, especially for affiliates. With Proxy-sale.com, you can check if an IP address is listed in spammer or scammer databases. By entering your address, you can see if it’s flagged and take appropriate action.

  • Proxy List Filter — Assistant In Organizing Lists

For those who like to stay organized, the Proxy List Filter is a great tool. It allows you to convert a proxy list into a convenient format and save it to your devices. This feature is particularly useful for people who work with large amounts of data, such as marketers, SEO specialists, and affiliate marketing teams.

  • IP Address Tracing — A Detective in the World of Networks

The IP Address Tracing tool acts like a detective for networks. It traces the connection and identifies any issues or bottlenecks in the data chain. This helps you quickly troubleshoot problems and establish a stable and secure connection.

  • Online UTM Designer — Traffic Analyst

The Online UTM Designer from Proxy Sale allows you to create UTM tags on your website to track and analyze traffic. This is great for understanding which sources bring in the most visitors and optimizing your advertising campaigns for better results.

User Experience Overview

When it comes to user experience and overall design, they say that simplicity is beautiful. We all want everything to be easily accessible, with buttons and transitions at our fingertips. And that’s exactly what you get with Proxy Sale. Their user experience is excellent, even for beginners. Now, let’s take a closer look at what they offer:

  • Languages: While they don’t have a Google translator for all languages, they have done a great job serving English speakers.
  • Safety: They prioritize your security with two-factor authentication and HTTPS, ensuring that no one else can access your account.
  • Notifications: You can enable system push notifications, so you won’t forget important things like payments and renewals.

Customer support 

When choosing a platform to work with, good customer support is essential. Proxy Sale excels in this area, with quick response times and effective solutions. You can reach out to them through their internal chat, Telegram, or email. We received a response from their support team within 2 minutes. They also provide helpful video guides for self-study.

Speed test

Now, let’s talk about the facts. We conducted a speed test using Ookla on one of Proxy Sale’s proxies to demonstrate their performance. The speed reduction was very low, which is good for a quality proxy. Take a look at the screenshots below.

No proxy

With a proxy


Now, let’s discuss the prices. Proxy-sale.com offers a variety of options to suit different budgets and preferences. You can purchase proxies individually for specific locations or in bulk.

Here’s a breakdown of the packages:

IPv4 Packages:

IPv6 Packages:

ISP Packages:

Mobile Packages:

Resident Tariff Plans:

Each package comes with additional benefits, such as high-speed connections, HTTP(s)/Socks5 support, static IPs, personal proxies, and 24/7 customer support.

Bottom line

Proxy Sale is a major player in the proxy sales industry known for its excellent reputation, wide range of unique features, and user-friendly platform. If you’re an affiliate marketer, this service is a valuable tool for your everyday tasks. If the company continues on its current path, media buyers will find it easy to manage their tasks using Proxy Sale’s proxies, leading to a more enjoyable work experience.

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