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Payments for affiliates. How to select a service and what options are there

Payments for affiliates. How to select a service and what options are there

Without getting bank cards on a production scale, it is impossible to work in affiliate marketing and drive large quantities of traffic. All ad networks, including Facebook, Google and TikTok, prefer plastic bank cards over virtual ones. However, it is impossible to issue hundreds of plastic cards and spend all day at the bank. 

That’s why services that issue an unlimited amount of virtual cards are more popular in the market. 

How to select a service with virtual cards

There are 3 factors that differentiate dozens of services in the market:

  1. BIN. These are the first 6 digits of the card number. BIN indicates the country of issue, the bank and other characteristics. American and European cards are considered the strongest. Uniqueness is also a factor in some cases. Sooner or later Facebook, for example, can begin to regard a certain BIN negatively, despite it being used by thousands of affiliates for a long time. In this case, problems emerge when linking the card, including Risk Payment.  Payment errors become more frequent, too.
  2. Prices. Every service has its own commission rules. Most often, you get charged for issuing the card, followed by a commission for every withdrawal or deposit. However, in some cases you will get charged for closing the card account, for refunds or for literally everything.
  3. Verification requirement. You can virtually always pass verification via rendering. However, this method has its risks. If you raise any suspicions, the company could block your account with funds on your balance. Many webmasters pass verification using their own data. This is a safe option, except, of course, if the webmaster is driving to exclusively black hat offers.

Popular solutions for affiliate payment systems

There are plenty of services that issue virtual cards to pay for ads online. But not all of them are popular. Here are a couple of solutions most preferred by affiliates.


This service offers several exclusive American and European BINs. The cards are easily linked in all popular traffic  sources. The first card is issued without ID verification, however to get more your passport will be required.

PSTNET offers virtual cards for advertising and online shopping. The only lisenced VCC service for affiliate marketers, and the only one to offer 3% cashback on ads spend as a part of their Private subscription. 5 card types to choose from, 20+ BINs, even completely new ones, 3Ds-secure support and more.


The service was designed for affiliates by the affiliate program. 2 european BINs are available: Sophina and Barcelona. Both are Estonian, but some databases deem the latter as Brazilian. The service offers low commission, which is what attracts affiliates.

Tariffs depend on the selected BIN:

  • Sophina. Issue $2. Monthly service fees $0, 6.5% commission on deposits.
  • Barcelona. Issue $4. Monthly service fees $0, 4% commission on deposits.

In both cases, if withdrawal is in any currency, but euro, there will be a commission of 1% for converting.

Cards are issued without verification.


Cards are easily linked to any source. Users note that Facebook preauthorization is quickly returning to cards.

Only one tariff is offered for paying ads:

  • Advertisement. Issue $10. Monthly service fees  = $10. 6% commission when withdrawing funds. Additional fees may imply conversion and transaction fees. 

EPN.NET cards don’t have 3DS. So, they can be used only for linking them to ad cabinets. Cards are issued without verification.


The service offers cards in euros and British pounds. BINs are traced to Ireland and GB, due to which they are perfectly suited for linking in traffic sources. 4×4.io features functionality for teams in the personal account. Also, the cards have 3DS.

Tariffs are identical for both BINs:

  • Issue $2. Commission on withdrawals 5%.

Verification is not required.

Other services

Likewise, there are other payment solutions you can consider:

  • Brocard;
  • Capitalist;
  • YeezyPay;
  • AdPay Cards;
  • Spendge;
  • LeadingCard;
  • Getdivvy;
  • Paywithextend;
  • ThePennyinc;
  • iCard;
  • Usunlocked;
  • Bvr.ua.


The market has many services that provide cards to pay for online ads. It is essential to choose a BIN that won’t result in problems when linking it to a traffic source.

All the featured services are tried and tested, so there is no need to fear depositing funds to them. However, for safety sake, we recommend using several services simultaneously and distributing your budget across them.

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