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 “Mindset is what’s important. Everything else we can teach you”. Q&A session with Swanker’s new partners

 “Mindset is what’s important. Everything else we can teach you”. Q&A session with Swanker’s new partners

If you’ve been with Swanker for a while, you know that there’s one thing we love most and that would be partnership. But what really gets us going? Amazing, skilled, and knowledgeable partners who bring something new to the table.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Approve Leads — a team that’s rocked the iGaming scene in just one year. And guess what? Now they’re one of our partners too!

These guys brought together top talent and built their company in a way so that everyone could grow. Their mission? Lifting people up, shaping the industry, and making moves. Our mission as we see it? Spreading the word. 

And to spice it up a bit we’ve thrown some questions at the Approve Leads team. 

But of course, the first thing to do is to showcase their offers 😏 Just in case you might find something for you: 

Q: What’s the Approve Leads company vibe?

A: It’s all about matching mindsets. We’re a team focused on development, on growth. Like a family, where everyone’s got each other’s backs we’re all in this together.

Q: Got any recepie for success? 

A: Get a decent pillow to sit on while working.

a) Grab your account and start driving traffic.

b) If it isn’t working, get back to step 1.

c) If still off, tap your desk neighbor. They’ll say, “Go back to step 1.”

d) Basically, success is 95% about connections and resources (if your setup’s legit, you won’t have any problems).

Q: What does Approve Leads have that others don’t?

A: Soul. We’re changing the game in the arbitrage industry, blending high professionalism with a social mission. We’re not big on bragging, but let’s just say we know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and there’s something to be proud of. 

Q: What insights can we expect from you guys? 👀

A: Honest insights. Again, we’re not here to brag; we’re all about sharing what we’ve learned. That’s our stance. We plan on dishing out tips on building effective and motivated teams, creative hacks, and fighting myths about mediabuying. 

Q: For you, being in the spotlight means…?

A: It’s a chance to prove that the arbitrage niche isn’t that bad, crash stereotypes, and show that you can build a business on good values. Plus, it’s an opportunity to find people who share our views and invite them to join our team.

Q: What are your plans for 2024?

A: First off, beef up our team with top-notch performers, sky-rocket our affiliate department, establish a strong Google PPC traffic division, and hit at least five international conferences.

Q: Do you use AI in your work?

A: Yeah, we use AI wherever we can, and if we can’t, we make it so we can, and then use it anyway🙃

Q: Any job openings to share?

A: We’re currently looking for a Project Content Manager. If you’re a content funnel master, skilled in both creativity and management, drop a line to our Team Lead Recruiting, Yana, at @lk_slv.

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