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MOONSTAR case: $48,868 profit on crypto per month | Canada

MOONSTAR case: $48,868 profit on crypto per month | Canada

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Hello! It’s the Moonstar, a Ukrainian crypto affiliate program.

We would like to share a case from our CEO Dmytro: his team has earned $48,868 on the Tesla offer in just one month!

How was it possible to achieve such a result? Read down below 😉


In this case, we worked on a CPA model, the rate was $950. In July of this year, the buyer received 93 deposits.

For many affiliates, Google has ceased to be the leading traffic source in force

hard start accounts. However, for the crypto niche, this source remains one of the main ones. With proper setup, Google consistently produces good CR and a low cost per lead.

Next, we have an important stage – working with accounts. While working with Google, we used a 21-day farm.

Accounts live for a long time, give fine spending, and are hooked well.

We do not work with logs/those who abuse first billing policies on Facebook. Also, when working with the crypto niche, you need a cloaking service, we use Magic Checker.

When you work with Google, the payment solution matters. We use the AdPay Cards service, which allows good flexibility in management within the personal cabinet and secure transactions.


We made this landing ourselves. The essence of quiz landings is that we heat the user’s interest when he/she answers these questions.


Many people use half-hourly creatives with a long history on Google (most often, by the way, they are taken from landing pages). We do not adhere to such a policy, we tried to use creos of different timings (both 30 seconds and 1.5 minutes). Creos with long timing gave us expensive leads, so we settled on 30-second creos with nice graphics. This creo was chosen due to the lower cost per lead.

This is a creative that we did not like very much.

It is very protracted, and due to the long timing, the lead turned out to be high in value. So we moved away from this option.

And this is a creative that went well. As I said before, the graphics are beautiful, and not overextended, so the audience immediately understands what deposit he needs to make and how much he will earn.


Only a few affiliates understand that working with Google is a long process of fine-tuning campaigns because Google does not immediately understand what kind of audience you need.

We started with the following target settings:

Target audience: men aged 33 to 55;

Mobile devices only.

We did not apply other settings. 

The main work consists of the fact that we monitor the placements where advertisements are shown, and we exclude unnecessary ones. Also, we exclude those channels where, in our opinion, there is no solvent audience: games, music, channels not from the relevant geo, and so on.

We left what the target audience watches most often (news, movies, car reviews, etc). Based on the spilled budget, we conduct analytics every 2-3 days and then we constantly

optimize campaigns. In our opinion, this is the right approach to working with the source.


Spending $39,482 per month wisely is not the easiest task, so you have to have many accounts. After the optimization is finished, the budgets are gradually accelerated, by a few percent, once every 2-3 days. Google is great at working on the volume with a competent approach. If you don’t forget to pay, Google will run your campaigns for at least two months in a row with an adequate price and quality. But this is provided that competent work with optimization has been carried out before that.


Many people do not want to leave Facebook, but if there is an understanding of 

working with the source, Google becomes an indispensable source of profit.

It is only necessary to make a little effort, and spend time and nerves for a set of campaigns and tests. Google will do the rest for you.

This case was prepared by MOONSTAR’s media buying team, for an effective start in a crypto niche, you can always contact our managers Iryna !

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