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Promote in crypto with ROI 138%

Promote in crypto with ROI 138%

Campaign details

Traffic source


Affiliate Network:



Czech Republic


$1 560


$3 720


$2 160



Hi everyone! I’m running operations of a pretty large media buying team. But today I want to share a personal case. In many companies leaders do not deliver on their own, but it seems to me that with this approach you can quickly miss out on traffic sources’ life. So, I regularly launch campaigns myself to “keep my sword sharp”.

Choosing an affiliate program and traffic source

When choosing an offer in crypto, we first of all pay attention to the structure of the advertiser’s call center. If an English-speaking call center serves all English-speaking countries at once, for example, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, etc, then it will be terrible to convert.

Call center employees must work with a specific GEO: know the characteristics of the local population, current payments and many other points. So, we are looking for offers for which our leads will be processed correctly and give a good conversion.

We found out that CMaffiliates with whom we have been cooperating for a long time have a lot of such advertisers. The manager offered to promote in the Czech Republic. CPA network has several strong brokers focused on this particular GEO. I chose the CEZ Group offer largely because of the CPL model offered with a good rate of $40. If someone thinks that when working with CPL it doesn’t matter how CC works you are greatly mistaken. Both the cap and the rate increase depend on the conversion. And for me as well as for the whole team, it is interesting to deliver a lot of daily leads with payments above the market.

Traffic source, targeting

I have been working with Facebook for several years now. I tested other sources, but I never managed to achieve the same results in volume and ROI as with Facebook.

I set the targeting pretty standard:

●      Men 30-60 years old;

●      A tick in the “Living here” field;

●      Didn’t use the iInterests;

●      In placements I leave only the Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Creatives and landings

I checked out the SPY, evaluated some of the options that were out there , and basically said : “Ah , screw it, I will just copy-paste this sh$t and see what’s gonna happen”. 

After delivering a small batch of leads CPA Network agreed on a low test cap with the Broker. So I started : the CPL was great , it was backing out very well for me, but the statuses . . . oh gosh , they were really trashy : No answer, no interest, wrong info, most of those who answered were not interested.

So, I tested other funnels from the SPY service. The changes affected the price of a lead but had no effect on improving the quality of traffic.

As a result, the manager asked to pause campaigns, paid everything that was delivered, but the CRG (CPL basically) deal was off.

Here is the main creative that drove most of the traffic, it gave almost 2% CTR:

This pre-landing was taken:

And the landing page with the registration form:

The funnel as a whole worked to an industry standard: Creative caught users’ eyes, gave good CTR, pre-lander warmed up users with a story in which the characters became insanely rich, and last but not least of course, simple four-field registration form closed the clients and sent directly into the hands of hungry desk managers.

This funnel immediately began giving cool results in terms of cost per click (CPC) and conversion to registration (CR). Therefore, I decided that everything works fine. Both I and the whole team rarely copy the whole funnels from the Spy. Only in exceptional cases, when it needs a quick GEO test, which has not been worked on for a long time. And this case is just about this situation.

We thought the worst thing that could happen is a high cost per click and lead. But it turned out that the funnels gave a cheap click, cheap leads but with crappy quality.


As a result, $1,560 was spent on traffic. For this money, I received 3,162 landing visitors and 93 registrations with a CR of almost 3%:

Sum up

After this case, I swore off taking funnels from SPY services. Yes, it turned out to make a profit and some money. But this negatively affected the relationship with both the broker and the CPA network. And I am set to work on a win-win basis, as it is very profitable even in the short term.

In the following pushes I started taking several funnels and comparing them with each other not only in terms of conversion and ROI metrics but also in terms of traffic feedback from the broker.

I was lucky that СMaffiliates paid for this traffic because there were difficulties with other CPA networks in a similar situation. I strongly recommend everyone to create their own creatives and landing pages, focusing on the production of high-quality traffic. Then the profit will be greater and there will be no problems with payments.

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