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“I switched from gambling to crypto and had to learn how to use spy tools again”. Personal experience

“I switched from gambling to crypto and had to learn how to use spy tools again”. Personal experience

Hey people. A couple of words about me: I’d been driving traffic to gambling for a couple of years now, but recently I decided to try my hand at crypto traffic. First, to sharpen my skills, and second, because I heard the stories of my friends tickling with crypto traffic and was inspired to try a new direction.

It would seem that arbitrage traffic is everywhere. So what can possibly confuse a seasoned buyer when moving to another but related domain? Turns out, plenty of moments can

The most difficult part is that I had to unlearn how to use spying tools — then learn it again but in different ways. 

In this article, I’m going to share my path and experience, which I hope will be useful for crypto migrants just like me. Today, I’m focusing on Facebook, and next time I’ll tell you how I managed to find creatives for other sources.

5 Stages of Grief, Stage #1. The first disappointment

How do we search for creatives in gambling? You take the bundle handled to you by a partner network, specify the GEO, and… And that’s it. Or, as an option, you can also try limiting the number of countries to a single one to get only targeted creatives.

Crypto doesn’t work this way. That was the moment I realized finding creatives is an art, skills, science, and not an option given to anyone who asks. 

Crypto doesn’t offer such an option. And that was the moment I realized that finding crypto creatives is a skill, a talent not given to unworthy speculators. 

Stage #2. Figuring It Out

Here’s what I did first. I kept the GEO (UK), limited the number of countries, and went to enter the keywords. I figured out it’s better to select “Search all text” to get more options:

At first, I went through the most obvious words: crypto, bitcoin, investment, earn. As a result, I saw everything with the sole exception of the arbitrage links I needed. Like ads for exchanges, NFT collections, webinars, whatever:

Okay, they weren’t exactly the funnels I’d been looking for. The closest thing to what I needed was traffic directing to a pre-landing page with a warm-up on free investment education:

I could catch the right creative work or a pre-landing page from time to time, but there were single options, and I had to dig through a bunch of general pages with non-targeted videos and pictures.

Stage #3. Play the Smartie

In my situation, playing smart was to write to a friend asking for help. Here are the two main points:

  • Type a non-obvious word into the search. Arbitrators rarely use obvious phrases (earn, crypto, investment, etc) because otherwise, they’ll get the account banned faster. But a loophole — that’s what we love!
  • Narrow down the output by domain names. Arbitrators purchase bundles of cheap domains, which end in .xyz, .site, .online, .fun, and so on. Few people will put a pre-landing page on the expensive .com domain. Some teams do so to increase trust, but it is rather an exception.

Let’s put the tips into practice:

And here I am getting the desired output, but with targeted funnels!

Stage #4. Practice Makes Perfect

The next step is to go through all the ads to get your eye on them. As a result, there are a lot of ideas for keyword queries.

Here, for example, is an output for the word millionaire:

See any familiar brands? Do words Tesla or Shell say anything to you? And what if you type in the name of one of these brands? For example, Shell:

Following the same logic, create new keywords. Read the ads and look for phrases. Not all queries will result in target output. But this is a simple process: step-by-step you can discover someone else’s bundles and consider them for your purposes. Here’s what I found using the word “fortune.”

Interestingly enough, the main helper was the domain zone restriction. Even by typing in the word “invest”, I can find the target creatives. Yes, there are many links to courses, webinars, or NFT collections, but it’s much easier to find the right ads:

Step #5. The Conclusion

Switching to another domain, it turns out, was more difficult than I had imagined. Even such a small thing as drawing inspiration from other people’s creatives is a completely different process now. I was lucky to get some advice from my friend because there are no guides on the web. Anyway, I never found them. 

I hope this article will help people to get used to spying tools, to better understand the market, and create their own profitable funnels.

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