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Huge CPA/CPL Rates in a Tiny European Tier-1 Country. The Netherlands

Huge CPA/CPL Rates in a Tiny European Tier-1 Country. The Netherlands

If you’re working with crypto in Tier-1 geos, you’d be an experienced trader or have a solid team with skills and money. Sure, the thought of getting a hold of $1,000 per CPA is pretty attractive, but everything has a little price.

Traffic doesn’t come cheap when it comes to Tier-1 geos, and your earnings can be dispensed. It’s all tied to deposits, but the users you’re aiming for are very selective when it comes to spending their money. Driving those killer bundles into play isn’t a walk in the park.

In this article, we’re taking a quick look at one of the top-tier European countries: the Netherlands. We’re going to explore what sets this place and its people apart — and we’ll help you find advertising strategies that work.

The Netherlands: Quick overview

As of 2023, nearly 17.5 million people call the Netherlands their home. The population is steadily growing due to both a decent birth rate and immigrants. The living conditions are good enough for people to start settling down and forming families.

Many of them are in the Netherlands to stay.

No doubt, the Internet is a common thing. The Netherlands is rocking the charts in the European Union for fast internet connection. Sure, it might cost a bit more, but people can handle it, using unlimited Internet at speeds over 20 Mbps. 

The most popular mobile operators are:

  • T-Mobile;
  • KPN;
  • VodafoneZiggo;
  • MVNO’s.

On average, people make over 3,000 euros a month before taxes kick in. But once taxes take their cut, this amount goes down quite a bit. Anyway, the leftover money is enough for a comfy lifestyle, considering the cost of living. Alas, not everyone can swing all the modern-day conveniences.

It’s the wish to be financially secure that often drives the cryptocurrency world, and it works in the Netherlands as well. But showing off with expensive cars, fancy homes, and luxury accessories? Not the best idea. People in the Netherlands don’t like bragging about how much they make. Using a bit of luxury in your promos is okay, but don’t focus on it too much.

Talk more about everyday stuff, like better education for children, a vacation at a nice hotel, owning a comfortable home, and enjoying a peaceful retirement without having to worry about those bills.

Salary by jobs (gross per month): 

  • Banking sector: €5,400; 
  • Engineering: €5,000; 
  • Law: €3,600; 
  • Architecture: €2,500; 
  • Agriculture: €3,200; 
  • Automotive Industry: €4,000; 
  • IT: €6,100.

In cities, salaries are usually higher than in rural areas. The largest cities are:

  • Amsterdam
  • The Hague
  • Rotterdam
  • Utrecht

No need to restrict targeting by location. Internet and paychecks are accessible from anywhere in the country. Even a farmer, living in a village, has enough money to make a deposit.

The money in use if euro; the language spoken—Dutch. Not too many folks here speak other languages, but you could give German and English desks a shot. When you’re translating promos into other languages, it’s a good idea to ask for help from native speakers because Dutch is pretty tricky and has all sorts of local ways of talking. Making sure your copy works for people all over the place isn’t as simple as it might sound. 

When sharing info, remember to give more facts and tone down the emotions. And it’s not the best idea to start bragging about sky-high earnings – the Dutch are smart and they know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But if you’ve got an investment deal that offers a bit more profit than what they usually see, that’s what they’ll be interested in. 

By the way, folks around here like to check out reviews about the companies they’re dealing with. Make sure you handle any negative comments about your brand.

Top traffic sources:

  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • Teasers
  • Native Ads
  • Email

Most popular websites:

People around here are pretty into cryptocurrency. The government’s keeping an eye on things and they’re taxing folks on their crypto earnings. On your website or a landing page, make sure to explain how these taxes work and why they won’t affect your leads. 

The Netherlands: The people

Things are pretty chill in the Netherlands, in terms of politics and money, so people trust those in charge. And as always, they pay attention to sports stars and artists.

Here’s a bunch of people who could be called Dutch opinion leaders:

  1. Erik ten Hag. Former footballer, and ex-head coach of Manchester United.
  1. Ronald Koeman. A well-known football player, and former head coach of FC Barcelona.
  1. Memphis Depay. Football player.
  1. Nikkie de Jager. YouTube content creator/blogger.
  1. Ricardo Verhoeven. Successful kickboxer.
  1. Mark Rutte. Prime Minister, currently serving his fourth term in the office.
  1. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken. The wealthiest person in the country.

Additional information

Well-known banks:

  • ING;
  • Rabobank;
  • ABN Amro.

Popular TV channels:

  • RTL 4; 
  • RTL 5;
  • RTL 7;
  • RTL 8;
  • NET 5; 
  • SBS 6.

Major online media sources:

  • nu.nl;
  • ad.nl;
  • telegraaf.nl;
  • rtlnieuws.nl;
  • volkskrant.nl.

Popular TV shows:

  • Million Dollar Island;
  • Drag Race Holland;
  • Love Island Nederland & België;
  • Temptation Island;
  • Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch.

The Netherlands can be a bit tricky. Traffic costs a pretty penny and people aren’t super excited about ads. But, if you play your cards right, your efforts might result in some good volumes with an ROI of 50% or even better.

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