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How To Work With a Rich Tier-1 Geo That Loves Crypto. Denmark

How To Work With a Rich Tier-1 Geo That Loves Crypto. Denmark

Affiliate marketers always forget Scandinavia when choosing Tier-1 geos. This is sad down to its core because there’s everything a marketer needs: huge rates, lots of people, and lots of people interested in crypto.  And the competition in Scandinavia is much lower compared to other Tier-1 countries.

In this material, we’re going to talk about Denmark, as an example.

Denmark: In detail

As of 2023, almost 6 million people live in Denmark. The number is growing very slowly and mainly due to migration, and the birth rate in this country is equal to the death rate.

All this is despite the extremely high life expectancy (78 years for men and 86 for women). The low birth rate is characteristic of many developed countries, as most people have one child after the age of 30 when they’ve already succeeded in their careers.

More than 98% of the population has access to the Internet. And in Denmark, nobody worries about network speed or traffic consumption. 

For you, it means you can safely use video creatives, and don’t worry about those heavy design elements on pre-landing and landing pages not being reflected properly. But anyway, optimization is required ’cause not everyone is willing to wait longer than a couple of seconds to open your page. 
Oddly enough, most of the traffic falls on stationary devices. And yet, the web pages must be well-optimized for mobile gadgets.

The residents of the capital region of Denmark (Hovedstaden) have the highest income – 5,900 euros per month. Some of the others:

Northern Jutland – 5,000 euros. 

Aalborg – 3 500 euros;

Esbjerg – 2,500 euros.

Salaries seem very high, and yet the income tax can be up to 52%. At the same time in Denmark, the prices are extremely high, even if compared to their neighbors. For example, cars cost x3 times more than in Sweden. 

People have enough money to cover their basic needs, but the luxurious life of an average Dane is out of the question. And actually, local mentality does not imply the desire for luxury stuff or vehicles. What is required is functionality, which is offered by many common brands. 

There’s no strong desire to stand out and live a luxurious life. This doesn’t mean people are not interested in earning extra, though, but their triggers are gonna be completely different. 

Opportunity to travel, colleges for their children, buying real estate, affording a happy old age and an impressive safety cushion — this is what people in Denmark invest in. 

Because people are well-educated, they won’t fall for loud promises. But adding 15% per annum to their savings will sound incredibly interesting to them. Present information dryly and discreetly, conveying the main triggers without excessive emotionality. 

Even though the vast majority know English, the official, and most popular language is Danish. The main difficulty of working with this geo is the proper translation, which is difficult to achieve if you don’t hire a native speaker.

And it’s not without a reason: Danes are very suspicious of ads with copy errors, and the level of trust might go down very quickly. 

The most popular sites:

  • Google;
  • YouTube;
  • Facebook;
  • Netflix;
  • Twitter;
  • Twitch;
  • Wikipedia;
  • Reddit.

Best traffic sources: 

  • Facebook;
  • Google Ads;
  • Teasers; 
  • Native Ads.

The Danes love crypto. They have an excellent environment for cryptocurrencies, with 

exchanges and other companies operating officially. 

There’s no strict regulation, no taxes to pay. At the same time, people are aware that it’s a highly profitable tool, even if it carries risks. 

Crypto allows to keep a certain level of anonymity, which people lack because of the powerful regulation of all other financial flows. But still, the people of Denmark are extremely law-abiding, so you’d better not use the ‘let’s fool the state’ approach here. 
Like the rest of Scandinavia, Denmark is concerned with environmental projects. Especially those aimed at helping the planet.  And with some funnels, eco-triggers can be very effective.

Denmark: The people

Since most people in this country are happy with their standard of living, they have faith in their politicians and businessmen. People are sometimes willing to listen to the opinions of popular athletes and artists.

Here is a list of people who could be called their opinion leaders:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Actor.

Mads Mikkelsen. Actor.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Former Secretary General of NATO and Prime Minister of Denmark.

Arnold Peter Møller. Founder of Mærsk.

Bjarne Stroustrup. Creator of C++.

Bjørn Lomborg. Economist, environmentalist, and public activist.

Connie Hedegaard. European Commissioner for Climate Action (2010-214).

Additional details

Popular banks:

  • Danske Bank A/S;
  • Nykredit Bank A/S;
  • A/S Arbejdernes Landsbank;
  • Jyske Bank;
  • Sydbank.

Popular TV Channels:

  • Kanal 4;
  • DR2;
  • DR3;
  • TV 2 (Denmark);
  • TV 2 Charlie;
  • TV 2 Charlie;
  • TV 2 News.

Major Internet media:

  • ekstrabladet.dk;
  • bt.dk;
  • yahoo.com;
  • politiken.dk;
  • berlingske.dk.

TV shows: 

  • Good Luck Guys Danmark;
  • Luxury Trap;
  • Divaer i junglen;
  • En Svedig Date (Sweathearts Denmark);
  • Løvens hule.

In Denmark, there are ~6 million well-off people who are interested in alternative ways of investing. Crypto is a great option for them ‘cause you can make excellent profits, it’s tax-free, plus allows a certain level of anonymity.

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