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How to find reliable suppliers of FB, Google, TikTok and Twitter accounts

How to find reliable suppliers of FB, Google, TikTok and Twitter accounts

Affiliates have found accounts of popular ad sources to be one of the most basic consumables. One can spend time on acquiring these profiles, however most webmasters and teams prefer buying accounts in bulk. They entrust the creation and warming up to the account farmers. How about we take apart all the nuances. Let’s discuss where to get good accounts and how to buy them in order to exclude all the problems.

Where to buy accounts for affiliate marketing

Basically, you have only a few ways of buying accounts:

  • Automated exchanges. It is quite easy to select the parameters and requirements for an account and pay for it;
  • Private specialists. They farm fake profiles, or hack real accounts, which are all offered on a turnkey basis.

Specialized stores. Here you can buy trusted accounts of real people that rent them in return for remuneration. There is no need to warm up accounts, so you can use them straight away. The shops also offer replacement of faulty accounts. In recent years, affiliate teams have also been creating such services. They sell excess accounts created by farmers working for them.

How to find reliable account suppliers and not get scammed

In affiliate marketing, the typical model of buying accounts can lead to several issues. For example, the accounts could be already banned. There have been cases where several buyers had access to the same accounts that they purchased separately. Last but not least, the seller could simply disappear after getting paid. In order to avoid these problems and find a reliable long-term supplier you should stick to a few simple rules:

  • Use services of verified sellers that have many positive reviews. Make sure that respected affiliate marketing editions can speak for the reputation;
  • Check whether the accounts function right after purchasing, so that you could exchange them if necessary;
  • Select stores or private specialists that offer a guarantee. That is, even if an account is blocked, the seller will still reimburse you, or offer a new one.

What should you pay attention to when looking for reliable account suppliers

With the development of Telegram, the main problem with buying accounts is the increasing number of scam projects . They simply dupe affiliates, however they preserve their identity. As a result, they remain unpunished.

Rookies are the ones that fall prey to these tricks. However, large teams have also been subject to fraud, where  trusted sellers that supplied their needs disappeared with large sums of money.This is why your first steps in verifying the reliability of an account supplier are checking reviews on their Telegram profile. For example, you can enter their name in the search bar in popular affiliate marketing chats, or use bots, like Check Scam Bot and Creation Date. If the latter bot displays a fairly recent creation date in the seller’s profile, then it would be smart to give it a pass.

To get the creation date of the account seller, you simply need to send any message to the bot.

However, even in this case the Telegram account could have been bought in one of the account shops. 

That’s why even this method of verifying reliability isn’t 100% safe. The good old manual search comes in handy here. You’ll have to surf the large plains of social media, search engines, review services and requests in affiliate marketing chats.Another method of finding a reliable supplier of consumables is HunterManager. This aggregator sorts data by name, quantity and price across dozens of stores. In two clicks it generates the results that come in the form of “where, what and how much”? The service team verifies each and every seller before connecting them to the platform.

Likewise, one giveaway of an unreliable you can look for is the behavior. They will rush you with payments, offer significant discounts and incredibly low prices. Also, they sell large quantities of a product that is in high demand on the market. As proof, though, they refer to their channels where you will notice only positive feedback.

Several verified stores

We won’t recommend specific stores with a guarantee. However, we can offer a couple of examples of stores that dozens of webmasters spoke highly of.

Accsmarket.com – sell accounts from FB, Gmail, Yandex, Twitter, Instagram, as well as other platforms, like WordPress.

FarmChel – a consumables store for working with Facebook (BM and FP accounts). Been in business since 2018.

Accounts marker – mainly offer manually farmed accounts for FB, IG, Twitter, Google, Telegram, TikTok and YT.


There are several ways of verifying an account supplier. You could request reviews in themed chats and forums. However, it is always best to check them in business by ordering small test parties. Repeat the process after a while. If the result is up to standard, then you can go ahead and buy in bulk.

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