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High Demand for Crypto Amid the Economic Crisis. Greece

High Demand for Crypto Amid the Economic Crisis. Greece

What could be better for crypto than European Tier-2 geo with a prolonged crisis going on? On one hand, the income of the average citizen is enough to make deposits. On the other, the financial situation drives people to take risks. And crypto offers are a great option for getting whatever it is you want. 

Greece is a perfect example of such a country. Though if you want to direct traffic and get profit, you got to understand some specifics and the mentality of the local population. We’ve got you covered on this one.

Greece: The overview

As of 2023, there are 10.3 million people living in Greece. The number of inhabitants has been falling steadily as the prolonged economic crisis does not let anybody feel safe. The country has a low birth rate, lower than its mortality rate. Though the top reason for population decline is emigration. Among the reasons are the economic risks and lack of opportunities. 

Internet coverage isn’t the best: only about 85% have access to the network. Speed on desktops and via Wi-Fi is fine, but mobile internet is very slow, usually, it does not exceed 20 Mbps. There are about 5,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in this GEO, which are used by both locals and tourists. So if it’s possible, you might want to specify ‘Live in Greece’ in the targeting settings.

Because of speed issues, it’s best not to use video creatives unless you really have to. You also might want to optimize pre-loads and landing pages, as always. 

Popular mobile network operators:

  • Orange;
  • Vodafone;
  • Three;
  • Globalism.

The national currency is the euro. The official language, Greek, is spoken by 99% of the population. Makes no point in trying out other desks.

The median salary is ~2,000 euros per month. So, people do need an additional source of income, even though the income mostly covers their household needs. Their income also makes it possible to save extra for deposits. 

Breakdown of salaries by profession (per month, gross):

  • Nurse: 3,000 euro;
  • Teacher: €2,000;
  • Waiter: €1,000;
  • Electrical engineer: €3,700;
  • Dentist: €6,100;
  • Administrator: €1,000;
  • Police officer: €1,700;
  • Software developer: €4,000.

Closer to a bigger city, higher the income. Major cities are:

  • Athens (capital);
  • Thessaloniki;
  • Patras;
  • Piraeus;
  • Larissa.

There is a point to exclude sparsely populated regions from targeting because people living outside of major cities often have issues with both income and Internet connection. 

People in Greece want to see quick results and they believe miracles happen. That’s why funnels with mindblowing profit offers are so popular.

Luxury life is a good trigger, and it works well for Greece. As well as does the focus on family and friends, because family values are super important for locals. Strong triggers include college for kids, vacations with loved ones, and taking care of the elderly. Securing your own retirement sounds very tempting. 

Good healthcare is expensive in Greece. Money is important to a certain segment of the audience because it lets them get high-quality medical treatment.

You just got to put a video on the landing page. It’s the best way to gain the trust of your audience and make sure they’ve heard as many profitable thoughts as possible. Second, Greeks love video content—YouTube is a super popular source here.

Best sources of traffic:

  • Facebook;
  • Google Ads;
  • Teasers; 
  • Native Ads;
  • Email.

Most visited websites:

Greece: The people

Because of the economic situation, people have little trust in politicians. However, they can still be used in some cases. Your top goes are going to be athletes and artists.

Here is a list of people who can be called Greek opinion leaders:

  1. Stefanos Tsitsipas. Tennis player.
  1. Fofi Gennimata. Politician.
  1. Maria Sakkari. Tennis player.
  1. Thanasis Antetokounmpo. Basketball player.
  1. Alexis Tsipras. Politician.
  1. Yanis Varoufakis. Economist and politician.
  1. Spiros Latsis. One of the richest men in the country.

Additional details

Popular banks:

  • Piraeus Bank;
  • National Bank of Greece;
  • Alpha Bank;
  • Eurobank.

Popular TV channels:

  • 4E TV;
  • Achaia News;
  • Astra TV.; 
  • Channel 9;
  • Corfu Channel; 
  • ET1 TV.

Major Internet media:

  • protothema.gr;
  • google.gr;
  • iefimerida.gr;
  • newsbomb.gr;
  • yahoo.com.

Popular TV shows:

  • My Style Rocks;
  • First Dates;
  • Next Top Model;
  • Dragons’ Den Greece;
  • Survivor All Star.

Greece is an awesome place for crypto. Millions are looking for an opportunity to improve their financial situation, as quickly as possible. All you got to do is to present your offer in the best way you can. 

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