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GEO breakdown: how much is a lead and how much can you make on it by launching to Facebook

GEO breakdown: how much is a lead and how much can you make on it by launching to Facebook

In today’s content we will look at an important topic. Any PNL report is largely based on CPL and EPL. These are key metrics that are used to calculate the effectiveness of a specific ad campaign, as well as media buying in general. We will explore CPL and EPL according to their GEO (Tier 1, 2, and 3) within one traffic source, namely Facebook.

When it comes to choosing a new GEO in search of a bundle or for scaling up, few people understand what CPL they can count on and what income to expect. The information in this article can help you get an approximate idea that will facilitate analyzing test results. As a result, this will save you your budget. 

Below, you can read some insight of a team that agreed to share its analytics with us.

How we drive

To get an understanding of the figures below, you will need the background. Results largely depend on the launching specs. For example, the lifetime of an account and how efficiently it optimizes the ad campaign.

Our farm dep always warms up accounts before handing them over to the buyer. If the ad cabinet spends less than $100 prior to the ban, we generally regard that as a bad result. Our average is $150-200. These aren’t the best indicators, but our experience shows that the smallest optimization takes place after $100. 

The results depend on the funnel, too. Your creatives, preland and landing page should echo the same style and layout. The mere presence of a preland in your funnel is a must. Without an in-between page you will lose traffic quality and deposit conversions. Creative aggressiveness can also affect your figures.

Cost per lead (CPL) according to GEO

Approximate CPL in USD for Tier 1 GEOs::

  • CA — $40-70;
  • AU — $60-100;
  • UK — $45-80;
  • NZ — $40-80;
  • NL — $50-95;
  • DE — $30-80;
  • BE — $57-124;
  • CH — $68-145;  
  • AT — $27-120;
  • IE — $45-90.

CPL results for Tier 2 and 3 countries:

  • UAE (arabic) — $24-78;
  • UAE (EN) — $27-63;
  • MY— $33-84;
  • HK — $23-75;
  • SG — $18-103;
  • IT  — $36-115;
  • ES — $19-92;
  • CZ — $8-48;
  • SK — $5-42;
  • Sl — $11-71;
  • TR  — $3-34;
  • HR — $4-55;
  • CL — $3-30;
  • EC — $4-8;
  • PE — $5-10;

MX — $5-10.

How we monetize traffic

The majority of our traffic is directed to CMaffiliates. The network has a large number of brokers and a well-managed distribution system. This system uses its own algorithms to allocate leads to brokers, and this substantially increases conversion. Since we’re working via API, we have a database of the contact details of the leads. Of course we monetize every bit of our traffic. However, we make sure to do this after at least a few months, once the leads have cooled down. We did not take this into account in our stats.

EPL according to GEO

Below is the EPL range according to Tier 1 GEOs:

  • CA — $70-180;
  • AU — $90-340. More often than not, you are easily able to pick a brand that yields unbelievable conversion rates. However, the caps then are minimal, e.g. 20-30 leads a day;
  • UK — $70-120;
  • NZ — $65-160. This GEO is notorious for blocking Forex transactions, which makes the CR quite volatile;
  • NL — $65-180;
  • DE — $65-156;
  • BE — $65-420. In this GEO, aggressive creatives can potentially yield very high conversions. On the other hand, this approach leads to account bans. We try to balance the EPL around $150;
  • CH — $60-250;
  • AT — $55-110;
  • IE — $75-155.

EPL range for Tier-2 and Tier-3 GEOs:

  • UAE (arabic) — $36-118;
  • UAE (EN) — $25-98;
  • MY — $25-107;
  • HK — $64-171;
  • SG — $44-188;
  • IT — $23-203;
  • ES — $25-113;
  • CZ — $7.5-73;
  • SK — $6-54;
  • Sl — $7-93;
  • TR — $0.7-18;
  • HR — $12-112;
  • CL — $7-43;
  • EC — $6-21;
  • PE — $3-12;
  • MX — $3-21.

Outline: our TOP GEO ranking according to profitability

We use these statistics to decide the share of traffic driven to each GEO. Below is a list based on solvency:

  • CA;
  • AU;
  • UK;
  • NZ;
  • DE;
  • BE;
  • IE;
  • HK;
  • IT;
  • HR;
  • EC;
  • MX.

Most of the countries featured in the list are Tier 1 GEOs. That’s because economically successful countries turn out to be  more profitable, provided you have the experience for testing large volumes of bundles.

I hope these stats will be of use to those that are thinking about which GEO to drive to, and what figures to expect.

We purposefully did not provide statistics on some countries. But here’s a hint. Test unobvious GEOs, especially small countries, e.g. Iceland. These countries can yield a record ROI at low cost.

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