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Feared or Forgotten? It’s Norway, and Best Affiliate Marketing Tips for This Geo

Feared or Forgotten? It’s Norway, and Best Affiliate Marketing Tips for This Geo

Rich Tier-1 countries are usually flooded by teams or experienced, confident solo marketers. Powerful competition, expensive traffic, and considerable risks — but at the same time high conversions and rates and, as a consequence, top profits are the top reasons. 

The game is clearly worth the effort if you can trust your skills.

Now, there’s a whole region of rich countries everyone knows about out there, but for some reason, this region is ignored.

Maybe it’s their size. Maybe mentality. But the stakes are big and conversion rates high, and the competition rate is way lower than in Canada or Germany. 
Of course, it’s Scandinavia we’re talking about. And we’re going to take a closer look at one of the countries in this region, Norway.

Norway: Detailed overview

As of 2023, 5.6 million people live in this country. The population is slowly but steadily increasing year by year. A high standard of living and high-quality medical services allow for a big increase in life expectancy and a decrease in infant mortality. 
So the number of country residents is steadily growing despite the small migration rate. That’s because of the positive difference between the number of births and deaths.

In terms of Internet usage, Norway is strongly on top, with more than 99% of residents being connected to the network. There are many providers in Norway and it gets very competitive. 

Both wired and mobile Internet delivers good speed. And the cost does not hit the pockets of average Norwegians as they get some of the highest salaries in the world. 

You can freely use video materials and implement any heavy modules to your pre-landing and landing pages to increase the conversion rate. 

Residents of Oslo and other large cities such as Stavanger, Drammen, and Trondheim have the highest average income. But even the residents of small settlements can be your target audience — their income allows saving a significant part of their earnings; they’re constantly browsing online and have bank cards.

Just to give you an example, a teacher in Norway earns almost 5,000 euros a month; a plumber — 3,600 euros. So there’s no point in narrowing your targeting to big cities. 

Because of their profound education, Norwegians are well aware that the money they save has to work. But most popular instruments only cover inflation and don’t bring considerable profit.

That’s why people are interested in crypto investments or the “Newest Breakthrough System”.

But of course, there’s no point in promising immense profits. No one will believe those fairy tales. People will rather be interested in options that bring 10-20% per annum; ’cause these figures look very realistic. 

Add as many details as possible, when working on your creatives. Even if you’re writing a success story, don’t use too many epithets or allegories. Keep it short, dry, and to the point.

Most visited websites:

  • Google;
  • YouTube;
  • Facebook;
  • Netflix;
  • Twitter;
  • Twitch;
  • Wikipedia;
  • Reddit.

Best traffic sources:

  • Facebook;
  • Google Ads;
  • Teasers; 
  • Native Ads.

It’s not that simple with the language, though. There are two official dialects of Norwegian, and adapting your creatives for one of them is complicated unless you have a native copywriter on deck. 

And since those dialects are significantly different, there is always a risk of cutting off a large chunk of the target audience. 

But there is a way out — use British English. Since books, movies, and TV series are rarely localized in Norway, the majority know English, and seeing ads in this language is perfectly okay with them. 

Due to the fact that affiliates rarely choose to work with Norway geo, and online advertising, in general, not being the main source of getting customers, the competition on traffic auctions is below the average Tier-1. Which gives you a chance to buy traffic at a moderate price. 

Crypto is regulated in Norway but not prohibited, though it is not legalized either. 

Bitcoin is recognized as an exchange-traded asset, and people are required to file a monthly report on cryptocurrency ownership and disclose the amount of profit. 

Capital gains and net wealth taxes apply. A system that is currently in use implies that all companies in the crypto niche must meet “Compliance and Appropriateness” requirements.

So make sure you mention that your service meets government requirements as it can help you increase conversion among people who know how the crypto market works in Norway. 

Despite strict regulations, residents don’t have to pay value-added tax and they still have many ways to use crypto anonymously. Privacy is one of the key benefits of crypto for people, which is worth mentioning, too.

One more thing: the environment. Companies that care about Mother Earth and are involved in promoting green energy are extremely trusted, as it’s a strong and important trigger for Norwegians.

Norway: The people

The people of Norway trust their politicians. As in all other geos, you might want to use sports stars and musicians as influencers. For specific offers, you can use well-known eco-activists.

Here’s a list of people you could call Norwegian opinion leaders:

Jonas Gahr Støre. Current Prime Minister, formerly Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Greta Thunberg. A very popular eco-activist from Norway.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Football player and coach.

Alisha Ilhaan Bø. Actress.

Harald V of Norway. The King of Norway.

Morten Harket. Musician.

Caroline Hagen Kjos. One of the richest women in the country. Owns a large share in Canica AS holding company, engaged in investments in Scandinavia.

Additional details

Popular banks:

  • DNB Bank;
  • Handelsbanken;
  • Sparebank 1 SMN;
  • Storeband bank Ass.

The largest media company that owns the most popular television projects is TV 2 Gruppen.

Popular online media:

  • vg.no;
  • dagbladet.no; 
  • nettavisen.no;
  • e24.no;
  • startsiden.no.

Popular TV shows: 

  • Good Luck Guys Norge;
  • Eventyrlig oppussing;
  • Ex on the Beach Norge;
  • Klar til strid;
  • Gift ved første blikk.

Norway stands far from being the most popular Tier-1 geo when it comes to crypto offers. But affiliates keep avoiding it for no apparent reason — you can get huge ROI because of $700-1,100 CPA rates, high conversion, high average income, and general interest in cryptocurrencies.

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