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How to get 183% ROI by running traffic to crypto in Croatia

How to get 183% ROI by running traffic to crypto in Croatia

Campaign details

Traffic source


Affiliate Network:





$2 300


$6 500


$4 200



Despite the bold title, I wouldn’t call this case a definite story of success. Even though we made profit, we used quite the legal cheat in the process. Only as an experiment, too. Because of that, the net profit wasn’t as much as it could have been if we had a good history of collaborating in an online format.

We have a relatively small team of 5 buyers. The main rule – share info with your colleagues. As the team leader, I approved the experiment. There isn’t much to regret, since we obtained precious experience, and money, too. Read below to find out the juicy part of the experiment.

Selecting the offer and Affiliate Program

At the end of June, one of the buyers noticed that spy-services started featuring a lot of Imperial Oil bundles. We had working approaches at the time, but there was that scent in the air that pretty soon, the profit they were yielding would begin to decline and we would have to look to other means. 

We got CMaffiliates to link our offer. In my opinion, they have the largest variety of brokers, which gives us the opportunity to transfer traffic, in case of any issues. Besides, this affiliate program has been providing us with the opportunity to run traffic via the CPL model, since we source good quality traffic for them. It’s quite unfortunate that we failed them this time.

Running and cloaking

We ran traffic via Facebook. At the end of June the process was as smooth as silk. New-type fanpages started to emerge here and there. We used the usual FPs to trigger advertising bans and used that to calmly carry on. That was the time when fan pages got unbanned with no fuss. 

We had a couple of farmers mass produce advertising ban fan pages for the future. In September we made good use of this when you could only launch from a fan page that has passed all ad policies. The market was pretty much dry, and if you managed to find one, then it was either for a crazy price, or a scam, or both. So a piece of advice for those that are working online with Facebook: stock up on interesting consumables when they are easy to generate.

So we bought ordinary farms, warmed them up using our own hardware for a couple of days. Then we connected up to 10 auto-regs, so that we used 1 card per setup. Then we launched them via autolaunch. Around 30% lived to see some sort of optimization, yet that did not suffice.

Just before driving, we were experimenting with cloakers. Usually, we would set all the default settings of Keitaro. It spiked our interest, whether connecting an IM Klo cloaker, which has Keitaro integration available, would improve account activity. It felt as if life got a whole load easier. In theory, it recoupes itself, but I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone, as there was no clear difference. 

Creatives, landings and that cheat code I mentioned

The bundle itself had nothing extraordinary. The usual success story and a call to make money from investing in Imperial Oil – a large crude oil company. Here are some examples of creatives:

The main experiment was in the preland-landing page. More often than not, the audience finds itself on the preland where it gets warmed up, and then interested individuals navigate over to the landing page with the registration form. Navigating to the landing page is an action, and people do not like to act. So, theoretically, on the one hand using a landing page decreases conversions, but on the other, it facilitates getting traffic that is more interested in the product.

We wanted to integrate the registration form directly into the preland, to increase conversions. We hoped that that wouldn’t affect the traffic quality. Landing screenshots.


In the end, registration conversions were amazing. The 183% ROI speaks for itself. However, the quality of traffic and deposit conversions dropped significantly, so we were cut off from the CPL model pretty soon.

We spoke to the CMaffiliates managers, discussed the situation and came to a conclusion that it’s better to use the standard preland-landing page model. The affiliate network paid everything in full, but we continued to drive quality traffic via CPA, so that our new offer could be approved to work via CPL.

Up until around August we kept driving traffic to Imperial Oil via CPA at a relatively low ROI of 50-60%, until in August brokers stopped working in this direction on a large scale.

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