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Costa Rica: CA Country Everyone Forgets About. Full Geo Review with Tips #10

Costa Rica: CA Country Everyone Forgets About. Full Geo Review with Tips #10

Countries that have not yet been reached, to their full potential, by affiliates’ hands are great because of their tiny competition rate. Almost any approach that has already “got boring” in popular geos, such as Europe, will work just fine in Central America.

In spite of the modest size of the population, the conversion rate will still let you both recoup the cost of finding the right tools and go into a staggering profit.


Today, it’s Costa Rica. A small country, sandwiched between two Americas — South and North. Because of its specifics and size, the vast majority of affiliate marketers bypass it. Not the smartest thing to do, as it turns out.

By figuring out how to direct traffic to Costa Rica, you can achieve great metrics. That’s what today’s material is for, to help you speed up the search for that very tool.

Speaking of Costa Rica

The entire population is just over 5 million people. This number is growing steadily both due to organic population growth and due to immigrants. However, the growth is still very slow and hardly felt.

More than 80% of the population has access to the Internet. The vast majority are residents of large cities. By the way, the share of the population living in cities coincides with the number of Internet users. 

The share of mobile traffic is almost equal to desktop traffic, although it is steadily growing year by year.

The Internet in Costa Rica is definitely not the fastest nor cheapest. Mobile plans of just 5 GB cost more than $15, and an unlimited one starts at $30-40. Landline connection is about $50/month.

The minimum wage is about $500, and the average, according to official data, $1,000. However, not all residents work officially and those employed in the gray sector earn significantly less.

These factors suggest the following:

  • Target only big cities (San Jose, Puntarenas, Heredia);
  • When directing traffic to smartphones, set restrictions on up-to-date OS versions;
  • Use mostly static creatives and lightweight, optimized web pages.

In general, local prices are not low at all, given the average salaries. Renting an apartment in a nice area of a big city starts at $500 a month, not including utilities. Basic food products are expensive even by European standards. For example, 1kg of chicken fillet costs about $8. 

No wonder people want to increase their income and improve their standard of living. This is a powerful trigger, which makes it easy to catch leads with your “breakthrough method”.

But keep in mind that their education system is quite good and easy to access, so unrealistic promises aren’t going to work here. 

Same for healthcare-related promises; medical services are cheap and of decent quality. Isn’t the best geo to target with promises of earning more money for improving your health. 

The language used is Spanish. You can use typical Europeans as your characters; most of the local population, especially the wealthy people, are white. 

But stay away from using negative factors in your creos. Ironically, Costa Rica has consistently ranked first in the ratings of happy people — their population is extremely optimistic and not susceptible to heavy suffering and worry.

The country goes easy on gambling and crypto. This is an offshore state with many casinos registered in Costa Rica. There’s no strict legislation on cryptocurrency in place, as well as the mechanics of tax collection. Which, too, can be used in your materials. 

The most popular social networks and websites are:

  • Google;
  • YouTube;
  • Facebook;
  • Whatsapp;
  • Instagram;
  • Twitter;
  • Twitch;
  • TikTok.

Best traffic sources: 

  • Facebook;
  • Teasers; 
  • Native Ads; 
  • Google Ads.

Celebs, stars, and influencers

The best-known people of Costa Rica are athletes, actors, dancers, and scientists. And, unlike Peru, you safely use politicians in your creos.

Here is a list of people who can be called their opinion-makers:

  1. Harry Shum. Actor and dancer.

Keilor Antonio Navas Gamboa. Football player.

Joel Nathaniel Campbell Samuels. Football player

Carlos Alvarado Quesada. Writer, journalist, political scientist, and president of Costa Rica from 2018 to 2022.

Gerardo Fabricio Alvarado Muñoz. Journalist and politician.

Giannina Facio. Actress.

Natalia Carvajal Sánchez. Model; Miss Costa Rica 2018.

Just a little bit of details

Popular banks:

  • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica;
  • Banco Promerica;
  • Banco BAC San José;
  • Bancrédito.

TV media:

  • Noticias Repretel, Canal 6;
  • Telenoticias, Canal 7;
  • NC 11, Canal 11;
  • Telediario, Canal 8;
  • Extra Noticias 42, Canal 42;
  • Anexión TV, Canal 36.

Major online media:

  • CRHoy.comCRHoy.com;
  • La NacionLa Nacion;
  • La Prensa Libre;
  • Diario ExtraDiario Extra;
  • El Pais.

Popular TV shows:

  • Asi Vivimos Los Ticos;
  • Dancing with the Stars Costa Rica;
  • Tu cara me suena Costa Rica;

Fe Urbana.

Costa Rica is a tiny geo 99% of affiliates forget about, which opens up more opportunities for you. The population, despite its unending optimism, has a huge drive to improve their lives. And due to the good attitude towards cryptocurrencies, “revolutionary approaches” are very popular here. 
And don’t forget: Costa Rica isn’t as spoiled as Tier-1/Tier-2 countries. Due to the lack of advertising, even the “old but gold” approaches will work just fine. 

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