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Case Study: Ancient Offer, Special Gep, Sky-High ROI of 175%, and $93,500 in Profits

Case Study: Ancient Offer, Special Gep, Sky-High ROI of 175%, and $93,500 in Profits

Campaign details

Traffic source


Affiliate Network:

CMaffs network




52 535,7$


147 000$


93 464,3$



Our arbitrage team LeadAX has been monitoring the market for several years, being fully focused on one vertical–crypto. When the entire team is aligned and is working in one niche, it allows us to quickly develop, grow, and generate/test creative ideas.

This, in turn, sometimes leads to astronomical ROI even with large traffic volumes. 

In this case study, we’ll explain how our theories and regular tests breathed new life into an old offer in high-level geo, bringing in almost $100k in net profit.

  • Period: 01.11.2023 – 15.12.2023
  • Traffic source: Google (YouTube)
  • Affiliate network: CMaffs Network
  • Team: LeadAx
  • Funnel: Quantum AI
  • Geo: Canada
  • Traffic expenses: $52,535.7
  • Expenses: $1,000
  • Revenue: $147,000
  • Profit: $93,464.3
  • ROI: 174.6%

In-depth analysis of Quantum AI offer

We chose Quantum AI to address a key issue of our geo, Canada. The problem was a weak cellular network connection, affecting our flow from registration to deposit.

Because offers like this have been targeting local audiences for almost a decade, and Canadians deal with a shit ton of spam calls, some people won’t take calls from unknown numbers. Some have apps that alert them to potential spam or fraud. While the call center still had to deal with the latter issue, we took on the task of tackling the former ourselves.

After getting tons of data from affiliate networks, we noticed that the best conversion rates come from old offers, with Quantum AI being the top performer. 

Sure, the offer itself needed some gentle touch. After a few iterations, we figured out that adding a checkbox to the registration form, indicating the client’s willingness to be contacted by a personal manager for assistance and explanation of the platform’s nuances and ongoing support, made a huge difference. And without checking this box, the client couldn’t submit an application.

The cost per lead didn’t change but we made it much easier for people to take those calls. 

We also put info about the minimum deposit and step-by-step instructions for signing up and adding money on the landing page, which helped increase conversions. 

We made sure to add pre-landers as a must-have. Without them, the traffic quality would go down, and the audience is not warmed up enough, which is crucial in Canada.

We tried two approaches in the pre-landers:

  1. News.
  2. Technological breakthrough in automated trading.

The second option showed far better results.

Geo specifics

Some facts: 

  • Canada has a big audience, including French speakers, but, to our surprise, a significant portion are Arabic-speaking. 
  • People in Canada get good pensions and paychecks. Pensions of $2,000 and salaries of $5,000 are considered ‘a norm’ in Canada.

To work with this geo, you need a broker with weekend customer support because Canadians show better conversion rates on weekends.

Payments are a big issue. Some have to go to a bank to deposit, and we tackle this by thoroughly warming up leads. 

Anyway, it’s almost impossible to make a deposit from British Columbia, so we exclude that region from our CPA campaigns.


We target:

  • Men 25-65+
  • Women 45-65+

Older women tend to convert well, but narrowing the age range too much would increase CPM. We target all of Canada except for the province of British Columbia (explained above). 

Technical details

Before we even start with traffic, any account is warmed up with $20-70 to boost trust.

The combination of IMKLO and Keitaro, when properly configured, lets us generate several thousand leads from one account before we get banned. 

Creative works

The best result is shown by creative works that are about easy and fast money and a rich lifestyle. Using local celebrities, especially in Canada, works well enough. 

News-based creatives are also effective, but we need to be careful not to mention channels and news agencies to get approval from Google. 

The best results come from creatives mentioning CBC and BBC as sources. 


Forget about those old funnels and overused geos. They’re excuses for those who cannot take risks and think outside the box. 

This case shows how being flexible and creative led to amazing results: $93.5k in profit with a fantastic 175% return on investment!

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