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Case study: +$7355 on crypto offers from Latin America

Case study: +$7355 on crypto offers from Latin America

Campaign details

Traffic source


Affiliate Network:












Selection of Geo and Offer

Having decided on the vertical, I have long thought about which affiliate marketing platform and which countries to choose for the offer. The choice was for Adcombo, although it is not quite their format, I was influenced by the previous positive experience with them. Next, together with your favorite manager, we chose two offers for the same GEO. Geo selected by the prices for the traffic and rates for the deposit. I didn’t want to climb into the “expensive” countries, there was already high competition and relatively high stakes, which could lead to very expensive tests.

As a result, this is one of the cheapest Geo with a payment of $ 297 for each GEO. All countries (except Spain) cost less than 0.5 cents per click. According to calculations, at that time the deposit should fly with a maximum of 150,000 clicks, in order to go 0. What seemed more than real. Testing offers with a big bet was dull, because I was used to casting two lead costs for the test, but I wanted more.


I decided to buy both offers in all 9 countries, 4 campaigns per country. There was a lot of traffic at a low price, so I came in with average rates. Redeemed only mobile traffic from the main feed, because testing and sorting others seemed overhead. CPC prices ranged from 0.12 to 0.82 cents per click. For all the time, a little more than 200 campaigns were flooded. Immediately a problem arose: registration did not appear in the statistics (only deposits). But the manager daily gave info on registrations for each country. And further added and registration in the statistics affiliate program. I also thank her so much for cutting off the terms of the hold (initially 30 days). The first deposit fell from $100 spent. After that, my mood improved, I created another 4 companies for each country.

In the future, when there was at least some statistics on registrations and deposits, I turned off ads for Spain and all ads for the Weed Millionaire offer. And the rest of the time, I invested only Crypto Genius LATAM into 8 countries. Also launched these 8 countries on the desktop. After that, they raised my bid, but not significantly. Campaigns that did not bring leads did not turn off, because not one of them had time to cover even the cost of one lead. Announcements flooded packs every week, changing pictures, but the approach remained the same.


All countries speak Spanish, which greatly simplified the task. For all the time, about 50 creatives were changed, starting with the “clumsy” ones, ending with pictures from a search engine. I will show the main ones that were often flooded.

And 192*192 size:

I ordered the translation of texts from a friend who is fluent in Spanish. The emphasis was on poverty and the ability to get rich quickly, promising different amounts for the first day of work. Also, in some campaigns, it was about routine work, debt, the desire to live beautifully, and that cryptocurrency is the fastest way to get rich, which only the “elite” know about.



Unfortunately, in the states of Colombia, there are several leads for another $114, we do not add them into statistics, we also do not take into account $100 of expenses. Also in the statistics, we see that often shot postback on registrations, so we will go through each country.
Mexico, the leader in revenue – $ 5253. Spending 2524 $. Profit $ 2729. ROI 108%. Total 18 depots. Next, the screen campaigns with cases.

Colombia, my favorite country, is a decent volume with a high ROI. The income of 2628.
Spending $ 492. Profit $ 2136. ROI 434%. Only 9 deposits.

Ecuador, good ROI, good income with minimal spending. Income of $ 1,785. Spending $ 228. Profit $ 1557. ROI 682%. Only 6 deposits.

Peru, a modest result, but still money. Income 1156 $. Spending $ 751. Profit $ 405. ROI 54%. 4 depots.

Argentina, one of the worst results. The income of $ 578. Spending $ 420. Profit $ 158. ROI 37%. 2 deposits.

Then El Salvador ($ 254, ROI 590%), Guatemala ($ 190, ROI 191%), Spain ($ 96, ROI 49%), which gave 1 deposit, and Chile is the only country that did not bring money and worked in minus (-164 $).

TOTAL for all countries:

  • Profit – $ 7,355,
  • Spent – $4 920,
  • Income – $12 275,
  • ROI – 149%.

On average, the envelope to the registration was 0.5 (200 clicks – 1 reg), the envelope from reg to deposits 1 (100 reg – 1 dep). The total envelope was 0.005 (20,000 clicks per dep).
The offer ended up spinning due to increased competition, there are more campaigns and rates have risen in almost all GEOs. I did not wait until I started a minus, and started working with other offers. Now, judging by the juncture, the competition has greatly diminished. Perhaps, if you find a new offer, then some of the countries will be able to bring lots of money. It is also possible to check these GEOs with included feeds.

I also want to add that you should not doubt everything, it is better to take and test. For a long time, I did not believe that in such relatively poor countries there could be deposits of $ 200. But the result surprised me, it is a long-lived bundle, which brought good money.

Source: https://bit.ly/3dmMDcA

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