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Breaking through the ceiling: How webmasters can reach new income levels

Breaking through the ceiling: How webmasters can reach new income levels

Meta: What to do if you want to start earning more in arbitrage. JBO Marketing team discusses webmasters’ development perspectives with the founder of the 13Partners network

Imagine being at a conference or after-party, approaching a group of professionals, waiting for your turn to discuss potential collaboration, and witnessing the discussion of crucial topics that Swanker is willing to share. Overheard from JBO Marketing and the 13Partners network.

If you’ve been pouring to crypto solo for 1-2 years on Facebook, feel like you’ve hit a ceiling, and can’t break into higher profits, this article is for you.

Here are the most common reasons hindering the growth of a webmaster:

  • – It’s time to build your own team, but you hesitate to take that step.
  • – Lack the necessary tools and knowledge.
  • – Launching campaigns only on Tier1.
  • – Lack of a good mentor or partner/network.

Let’s explore how to change the situation and start earning more.

Expert advice: Create your own team or join an affiliate network

The JBO Marketing team spoke with the founder of the 13Partners affiliate network, Max, and asked him to give advice to solo webmasters who want to grow and increase their income. Our opinions differ. Max believes that knowledge and work experience only help you grow to a certain point, after which you need to take on more responsibility and build your own team.

“You earn money not for your knowledge but for the responsibility you are willing to take on. If you rely solely on knowledge, you will eventually hit a ceiling. WANT TO EARN MORE? TAKE ON MORE RESPONSIBILITY – BECOME A LEADER,” says Max.

“Build your own team, take on interns, work with affiliate networks, open your own network. Your profits depend on how many people are under your leadership. Let’s say a person worked solo consistently, earning $10k, and now he/she has two employees, each bringing in $3k. Yes, initially, you will earn less, but you will have more free time. Yes, you will be risking your salary, taking on responsibility, and you’ll need to constantly monitor the process. However, now, it won’t be you working, but your team. The ceiling is only how many employees you are willing to take on. Then – diversification and scaling,” he insists.

On the other hand, the JBO team believes that there are other ways to advance in the field, such as experimenting with GEO and traffic sources. We asked the founder of 13Partners what he thinks about this.

“In my opinion, affiliate marketing is a long-standing business, not a trend. Don’t look for the golden grail. During the gold rush, only those who sold shovels made money. THE TREND IS OVER; NOW IT’S ABOUT BUSINESS PROCESSES. Settle in the crypto niche, settle in the GEO Australia – continue working with it. Look for new approaches, but in Australia. As for traffic sources, I can only say that calling FB and Google market leaders is incorrect. They are leaders in traffic volume, not in conversions. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose the sources of 13Partners; it’s confidential information,” Max said.

Useful tools

Kadam Push Network – an online advertising service with plenty of useful settings in the advertising dashboard, features for webmasters, and smart targeting. It helps optimize campaigns and works with large volumes of quality traffic.

AI-based content creation tools

ChatGPT – AI-powered chatbot that can be used for content creation and translations (texts for pre-landings, landings, creatives).

Eleven Labs – voice maker and video translator.

VEED.IO – another video translator with AI-based subtitle functionality.

Tools to make creatives

Classics: Canva, Photoshop, and Vegas (for video and audio editing).


Keitaro – a tracker equipped with A/B testing tools and integration capabilities with affiliate programs, aiding in the control and optimization of traffic.

Ad campaign tracking

ADHeart – a SPY service dedicated to searching for advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Here, you can track popular creatives and landing pages, subsequently incorporating them into your work.

Automation tools

Automation will help you increase work efficiency and save time. Besides tracking, what else can you automate?

Automatic notifications

Set up automatic notifications for changes in advertising campaigns and traffic. Automatic notification features are available in Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads.


Use API for integrating tools and services you work with.


In the crypto vertical, leads are expensive. It requires control over every click. CRM systems can assist with this and help manage partner accounts as well.


For scaling, use agency accounts (with a daily limit of approximately $25).

And, of course, don’t forget about hosting, VPN services, anti-detect tools, and proxies.

All these tools will make your work more qualitative, secure, and comfortable. You’ll be able to better control it and earn more thanks to the time saved.

Conferences and affiliate events

Make sure to actively participate in community life by attending affiliate conferences, events, and workshops. Why is this important?

Networking is the foundation. Conferences provide an opportunity to discover new partners. It’s the main platform for establishing professional connections and building business contacts.

Insights are essential. At conferences, you’ll learn about new trends, strategies, and technologies in affiliate marketing firsthand, enhancing your expertise and work efficiency.

Visibility is crucial. The more involved you are in the affiliate community life, the more people will know about you, potentially becoming your partners in the future.

New GEOs

Many webmasters focus exclusively on Tier 1 and shy away from exploring less popular, budget-friendly GEOs. This reluctance often leads to stagnation. While working with untested GEOs can be stressful due to the risk of budget losses, it’s not as daunting as it may seem. You can minimize risks by studying cases from various teams and networks that are available online (if you search well). For instance, JBO Marketing’s team recommends trying Malaysia and Latam.

Reliable network

Searching for new opportunities and resources as a solo webmaster can take from an hour to a whole day. What can you do during this time if you avoid extensive searches? For example, set up a campaign and start earning money faster. Ready-made creatives, pre-landing and landing pages can be obtained from an affiliate network.

A trusted network is precisely what you need to elevate your income. The affiliate network provides new tools and knowledge, shares the team’s experience, and ensures a consistently high profit.


So, all your work processes are set up. You keep up with affiliate marketing trends, use advanced tools, pour to “your” GEOs, perhaps work with an affiliate network, and all of this brings you a stable income. However, you still want to grow further. Then follow Max’s recommendations and build your own team.

Use pieces of advice from the article that are relevant to you, choose a growth strategy that suits you, and take action. Wish you high conversions and ROIs!

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