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A Unique Asian Country With Massive Demand and High Returns. Review & tips #5

A Unique Asian Country With Massive Demand and High Returns. Review & tips #5

Any arbitrator who has profound experience directing traffic to different countries knows that best profits come from unique geos. The competition is many times lower, and the audience is not used to seeing offers everywhere — and thus is not as good at skipping them. Crypto is no exception, so those rare geos sometimes show outstanding CR.

Today we’ll talk about Taiwan. Comparatively few arbitrageurs take this country seriously, having bothered to translate promo materials into the local language. Which sometimes means they’re missing out.

To come up with decent tools for a unique, unknown geo, keep its characteristics and mentality in mind. In this material, we’ve collected all the nuances and tricky details that’ll help you figure out what Taiwan is, who the Taiwanese are, and how to make them care about your offer.

Island of freedom: introducing Taiwan

About 24 million people live in Taiwan and the population is standing still with a slight increase from year to year. Most of the people inside the country are locals since very few migrants come in.

People have zero issues going online, and the Internet is used by more than 90% of the population. Mobile traffic is slightly higher than desktop traffic.

Popular home Internet providers are SeedNet, SoNet, and HiNet, and they charge no more than $20/month for a stable connection. Mobile Internet is provided by T-Star, Taiwan Mobile, VIBO Telecom. It’s also cheap, up to $25/month on average.

Widespread fast and cheap Internet lets you use video creos and ‘heavy’ landing pages to impress users. 

The average salary is a bit under $2,000. Yeah, it doesn’t seem grand compared to Tier-1 countries, but at the same time Taiwan keeps their prices reasonable and just.

For example, you can find a rent for only $400-700/month. Lunch in a restaurant costs about $8-10, and public transportation is less than $1. In turn, the vast majority of locals have decent life quality and an opportunity to save and/or invest their money. Great start if you’re promoting crypto, huh?
Despite more than moderate prices, due to the extremely high population density, housing is incredibly expensive. And owning a nice apartment is a dream coming true for any Taiwanese.

Most people use the Internet to watch movies and videos, search for information and talk to family and friends:

In general, a Taiwanese spends eight hours on the web per day:

More than a third uses online banking and makes mobile payments monthly. More than 7% own crypto:

The Taiwanese are open to online advertising, they would eagerly click on banners and other forms of advertising:

People in this country speak Chinese and English, but if your goal is to win their loyalty use the local dialect of Chinese, Taiwanese. 

Despite the fact that the local population is ethnic Chinese, they identify themselves as separate people with their own language and culture. The territorial conflict with China affects the population and patriotic tendencies are on the rise. A factor you can use in your creatives. 

The production of chips and other high-tech components is highly developed in Taiwan, and many large companies are based there — or at least keep their offices.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t officially legalized in Taiwan, but people openly buy and trade them. If the trade volume exceeds 40,000 Taiwan dollars a month, there’s a 5% VAT to be paid.

People in this country are highly educated and quick promises of sky-rocketing profits are more likely to scare them off than spark interest. They would also go and take a quick look at those reviews posted online before parting with their money. So you’d want to keep an eye on what people say about you and your offers on local websites. 

Men and women spend time on different social media sites. Men are more likely to go on:

  • Facebook;
  • Line;
  • Youtube;
  • PTT;
  • Instagram.

And female audiences prefer

  • Pinterest;
  • Snapchat;
  • Sina Weibo.

Popular sites include these social networks, Google, Yahoo, and local media sites:

Local idols and influencers

Using local Influencers in your creos often helps you find a quality audience and lower your cost per lead. Here’s a list of a few people who are respected and listened to:
Kao Chia-yu. One of Taiwan’s youngest and most progressive politicians.

Lin Ching-yi. Also a politician, well-known for her bold decisions. Obtains huge local support.

Ko Wen-je. Physician, mayor of the capital city, Taipei and chairman of the Taiwanese People’s Party.

Shī Zhènróng. Renowned businessman and the founder of Acer.

Liu Kuan-ting. Actor; has won many international awards and is widely known in the country.

Uh-oh, creatives

Basically, it’s a sheer classic. The promise of tripling their income and making a luxurious life people have been daydreaming about a reality:

Sometimes, you can stumble upon some local features:

Extra details

In the lists below, we’ve gathered some data so that you know exactly where to go and what to use.

Popular banks:

  • Cathay Financial Holding;
  • CTBC Financial Holding;
  • First Financial Holding;
  • Fubon Financial Holding;
  • Taiwan Cooperative Financial Holding.

Major media outlets:

  • Nakka TV;
  • Indigenous TV;
  • CNN;
  • NHK.

Internet media:

  • yahoo.com;
  • udn.com;
  • news.yahoo.com;
  • ltn.com.tw;
  • ettoday.net.

Taiwan is a relatively unique geo where stakes are going high, as well as CR and profits. The people are wealthy, curious about investments and cryptocurrencies, and non-skeptical when it comes to Internet advertising.

Make sure your creatives don’t promise unbelievable profits — Taiwanese are much better than this — and then conversion on your quality links will be a pleasant surprise. 

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