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A Massive Central American Geo You Simply Must Try: Dominican Republic

A Massive Central American Geo You Simply Must Try: Dominican Republic

Crypto offers have been live and well up for many years. And of course, the competition in all Tier-1/2 geos is getting enormous. The obvious promise of developing markets has been talked about for quite some time, but few people take a serious approach to testing new geos. For no apparent reason.

The target audience is not yet used to marketers’ tricks, they have money, and the desire to get rich is considerably stronger compared to Europe. 

And a large amount of traffic in the Dominican Republic allows you to get not only a good ROI but also scale effectively. 
To get good results, as always, you must understand the country and its people. In this article, we will pass on as much information about the Dominican Republic as we can to make it a lot easier for you to design and test creatives.

Dominican Republic: Detailed overview

Over 11 million people live in this country. The birth rate is more than three times higher than the death rate, which is why the number of citizens is growing. Despite the steady flow of migrants from Haiti, more people are leaving the Dominican Republic, but the birth rate this high is able to cover negative migration.

The situation with online connectively in this country is rather mediocre. In 2021, 63% of the population has access to the Internet. 

Even with those numbers, Dominican Republic is ahead of many competing countries. Like South Africa, which has better economic development.

Wired Internet is extremely slow (it rarely goes up to 10 Mbps) and very expensive. On the other hand, mobile Internet is entirely the opposite: it’s much cheaper and the speed reaches ~20 Mbps. 

This means you should focus on mobile devices and optimize web pages for mobile screens. 

You’re free to use any video materials and functional add-ons on your web pages to increase your conversion rate.

Just like with the majority of countries in the region, in the Dominican Republic, it’s better to target large cities. 

Because of the lack of manufacturing facilities, the main way to make money is to work in the tourist sector. So places flooded with tourists can be added to your list of ‘must-target’ cities. 

People in the cities earn around $500, on average. This is not enough to live on, given the relatively high prices. For example, a kilogram of onions costs $2, dairy products are in short supply, and you have to pay $100 a month, on average, for utilities.

Most neighborhoods are extremely dirty. Many Dominicans dream of increasing their paycheck to afford to live in a good neighborhood, with good food, stable electricity, and adequate medical services. Most people have issues with all three.  

For people in their forties and up, a relevant approach can include saving enough money for retirement and comfortable life afterward.

Simply because in the Dominican Republic there isn’t such thing as a pension and the elderly are to be supported either by their children or grandchildren. 
Locals have big faith in fate and luck. Small settlements may not have grocery stores, but there will be stalls with lottery tickets. This is a great quality that massively boosts conversions in crypto.

The most popular social networks and messengers:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • TikTok;
  • Snapсhat;
  • Twitter;
  • YouTube;
  • Twitch.

The best sources of traffic:

  • Facebook;
  • Teasers; 
  • Native Ads; 
  • Google Ads.

The people of the Dominican Republic speak Spanish. Mixed-race people make up 75% of the local population and the rest 15% are white. Still, almost every citizen considers himself or herself a descendant of the Taino Indians, a historic indigenous people of the Caribbean.

Online advertising itself is underdeveloped, of course. In addition, too few affiliate marketers have reached this geo. This means that your old but gold approaches will find a second life here and can help you reach considerable gains. 

Dominican Republic: The people

The people here speak of their local politicians extremely dryly. American soccer players, actors, and other athletes/artists have the biggest influence so far.

Some people you might want to include in your creatives:

Jorge Lendeborg. Actor.

Wander Franco. Baseball player.

Bartolo Colón. Baseball player.

Alfred Joel Horford Reynoso. Basketball player.

Natti Natasha. Singer.

Juan Luis Guerra. Musician.

Juan Soto. Baseball player.

Additional details

Popular banks:

  • Banco Progreso;
  • Banco Leon;
  • Scotiabank.

Major online media:

  • Listin Diario;
  • Diario Libre;
  • Remolacha;
  • El Caribe;
  • El Nacional.

Despite their poverty level, Dominicans have all the necessary characteristics to be massively interested in crypto offers: 

  • A poor level of education allows you to promote aggressively without being scared of running into a wall of critical thinking; 
  • Stable and fast mobile Internet;
  • Huge desire to have a better life; to be able to provide for themselves in their old age, because there are no pensions in the country;
  • Mass craving for lotteries and faith in luck;
  • Lack of banner blindness on the web;

Moreover, it’s easy to target your TA ‘because financially reliable people in their majority live in large and/or tourist cities. 

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