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+50 Leads Per Day. Extra Ways to Monetize Your Crypto Traffic

+50 Leads Per Day. Extra Ways to Monetize Your Crypto Traffic

Knowing some extra ways to monetize crypto traffic is a nice skill to have — and one that could largely boost your profits. My team has tested various methods to squeeze extra revenue from our traffic. Today, based on years of ups and downs, I’m sharing the most effective tools.

Let’s talk tools

First things first: you can only squeeze out extra profits if you know how to track your leads. 

The perfect solution would be a custom-built database that gathers and stores lead info from the landing page. As for functionality, you’d definitely need a feature for sending your leads to different brokers.

You’re free to work with any CRM system, and the choices are plenty. 

Editor’s Note: This article compiles the best CRM systems for tracking traffic. As an alternative, you can use a Google spreadsheet. Integration is pretty straightforward, and you can easily find a freelancer to write a script and connect your landing page with the spreadsheet for a reasonable cost (~$10).

No matter what tool you use, a spreadsheet or a custom $50,000 CRM, the main point is that leads’ info must be stored properly.

Tracking leads helps to avoid mysterious traffic losses when Facebook sees a conversion, but it somehow disappears on the way to your affiliate network. 

The affiliate network or broker might label the lead as a duplicate or invalid, but since the data is saved on the affiliate’s side, there’s always an opportunity to resend the lead to another broker, another affiliate network, or another call center. 

There are several ways to achieve additional monetization. The simplest one is to take your database and give it to the brokers who can extract leads and deposits from the given information. Around 70% of brokers work with this type of traffic and offer payouts based on CPL/CPA models.

#1. Push Notifications

The easiest way. You find somebody to write a script that prompts each user to sign up for a newsletter every time they visit your landing page. Many do sign up.  

This creates its own base of target audience. Even if the person did not fill out the form and left the page, but subscribed to the newsletter, they can — and should — be kept up in mind. 

You could exploit such a list for years, gaining additional leads.

One thing to keep in mind is that managing email campaigns can be a bit time-consuming. Luckily, we have a specialist on our team who’s responsible for handling these tasks.

#2. Email newsletter

To work with newsletters, you should find a way to automatically retrieve leads’ info as soon as they fill out that form. On top of that, make sure you add geo and their language to the list of details. 

Otherwise, one day you may find yourself sending an email in Turkish to a German guy, and vice versa.

But sometimes you can change the language. Like, when you’re targeting a mixed English-speaking audience in Europe and gathering leads from different countries like Spain, France, Germany, etc. If these leads show poor conversion rates in English, consider sending emails in the primary language of the respective geo.

Ideally, you also come up with an offer that works best for that specific geo. On top of that, you should direct such leads, let’s say German leads, to a call center with German-speaking team members. 

By implementing this strategy, you not only get the chance to get some extra leads from people who weren’t initially interested or couldn’t pick up the phone when the call center reached out but also from those who didn’t convert because of the language barrier. 

It opens up a whole new opportunity to engage with a broader audience and increase conversions. 

But, there’s a ‘but’. It can be pretty tough to get your crypto-related emails to land in the Gmail inbox, which happens to be the most lucrative platform. 

Again, we’ve got some pros on our team, the ones who know how to tackle this. And we’d strongly suggest seeking out their expertise or getting some advice at the very least.

#3. SMS

The basic idea is similar to email marketing. Collect lead data, including phone numbers, in your spreadsheet or CRM. Initially, we tested sending SMS about a week after generating a lead, giving them a link to a new broker.

In time, we found a smarter approach: customizing the message based on the lead’s status as indicated by the broker.

For this method to work, you need CRM software as a Google spreadsheet alone may not be enough. Unless you’re willing to manually sort the data. 

For example, if the broker marks that the lead could not be reached by phone, the CRM will send an SMS with a text like: “We couldn’t reach you earlier, but we’ll get back to you. Answer the phone to boost your daily earnings by $300.” 

Depending on the type of lead and their status, you adapt the text. For some, it might be more effective to sign up one more time, while others could be immediately transferred to a new broker after being categorized as “Low Potential.” 

With experience and a growing database, it gets easier to come up with a highly converting algorithm that conveys the intended message for each lead category.

This is a great way to overcome the decrease in conversion rates caused by broker phone issues.


Based on our experience, by using all three methods at the same time, you’re likely to generate extra 20-30% traffic over the course of a year. 

But building your own database and ‘heating up’ your leads require a huge amount of time and effort.

As for the strong side, you can keep sending emails, push notifications, or SMS for as long as you’d like. With each day of active lead generation, your database keeps growing. If you get enough traffic, within a year, the database will bring in an additional 50 leads daily. 

And if you’re tickling with Tier-1 countries, the financial benefit of all this will be easy to notice.

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