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Top 4 Types of Gambling Landing Pages: How to Choose a High-Converting One?

In the previous part, we talked about three types of converting landing pages for gambling offers. Let’s refresh our memory:

  • Slots/Interactive slots
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Crash games

Each of them has its own pros, cons, and characteristics that should be taken into account. The previous material gives detailed insights into gamified landing page types and how to choose for the right one for your campaign.

Here, we will discuss the remaining two types of non-gamified landing pages and the general rules that apply to all. 

Welcome bonus

Non-interactive landing that uses eye-catching visuals to highlight the bonus for new players. It’s a more straightforward approach with no gamification elements used. Still, we suggest using a landing page where your users can interact with something else than just the ‘Sign up’ button.

If you’re going with a non-gamified approach, make sure your landing page catches the eye, unless, of course, your audience prefers a more conservative design.

Quite often, you’ll see characters that look a lot like the main heroes from popular slots, Indiana Jones or Christopher Columbus. You’ll also spot symbols of luck, like leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and the like. 

Sometimes, they even use images of people who resemble famous actors or characters from well-known movies. 

It’s all about building trust and knowing that the general audience is familiar with these figures.

Registration form

The simplest possible approach for a gambling landing page is putting the customer signup form front and center. Doesn’t offer much excitement, doesn’t stoke any desire to play, and gives people those unique bureaucratic vibes. It’s like communicating with your audience via a stack of paper forms to fill out.

Yet many websites use this approach. Why? Mostly cause the landing page with the registration form is the default choice in affiliate programs, and many are too lazy to browse through other pages. 

This approach works well for the kinds of audiences that actively sought out this offer. Statistically, forms with the highest CR have three input fields. Fewer fields reduce trust, while more fields result in bailing. 

Tips for high-converting gambling landing pages

These general rules that work for any type of landing page:

  • Consistency. The entire bundle of ad-creatives-app-landing should be made in a consistent, ‘brand’ style. A landing page that visually stands out from the all other elements of its bundle won’t inspire any trust.
  • Be upfront and honest. If your landing page promises users a jaw-dropping €1,000,000 bonus, but after signing up, they get just 50 free spins and a modest $20, along with a wagering requirement, chances are they’ll switch to more generous offers. 

The same goes for the games. Everything you display on your ads, apps, or landing pages should be within reach for your users. If someone can’t find the game they saw in the ad, they might feel like they’re being tricked. This means there’s little-to-no trust and the same can be said about future deposits. 

  • Localizing your content is important. It means tailoring your ads, apps, and landing pages to resonate with the culture and preferences of your target audience. Use local currencies, and payment methods, and include elements like local superstitions or traditions. This makes people trust your brand. 

Here’s a tip, especially when targeting countries like Brazil where family-oriented creatives work wonders. Instead of the classic ‘bikini’ model, why not show a picture of a happy family, all together, celebrating their father’s success? It taps into Brazilians’ strong family bonds and the desire to overcome financial challenges.

Another smart move is to style your content to match popular slots in your target region. For example, in the CIS region, games like ‘Korabliki,’ ‘Knizhki,’ or the famous ‘Semerki’ have gained massive popularity. It’s a good practice to use local influencers to boost your brand’s trustworthiness, as long as the offer allows it.

  • Use the right components. Incorporate elements that catch interest in every way possible: bright colors, champagne, semi-naked models, luxury cars, and other symbols of the luxury life. Don’t forget to maintain the balance, though, and not overwhelm your users. Excessive elements can scare off potential players.

Landing pages without gamification elements, too, deserve their place in the sun. These pages are still a popular choice for affiliates targeting specific audiences. 

Even if you have an interactive page, it won’t succeed unless you consider key elements like localization, style, and honesty. These universal rules can significantly boost your ROI and make your traffic profitable in various locations. 

Each of the five types of landing pages we discussed can work well in specific situations. The information we’ve shared is FYI. Whether your campaign takes off or not depends less on the landing page itself and more on the overall bundle and how well it aligns with your goals.

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