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Small Size, Big Impact: Tiny Yet Effective Geo With High-Quality Traffic. Lithuania

Small European geos are great for scaling Tier-2 bundles. Yes, the population of just about ~2 mln is too modest a volume to expect hundreds of deals, but it’s a good place to make some extra. Today it’s Lithuania standing in the spotlight. A small geo with a financially sound population. Let’s see how it works. 

Lithuania: General Overview

In 2023, just over 2.5 million people live in Lithuania. The population of an already small country is gradually shrinking, both because of low birth rates and because of the outflow of people to richer countries in Europe and North America.

What’s interesting, there’s a large gap in the number of men and women: 7%. Women outnumber men by 185,000, and this also creates additional demographic problems.

But the population has other problems, such as widespread alcoholism and a high suicide rate. According to most rankings, Lithuania is at the top of the list of the most drinking countries.

The Internet is fast: Lithuania ranked 38th in the world in 2023. The average speed is of almost 95 Mbps. Play as you’d like with those heavy animations but don’t forget to optimize your pages.

The main language is Lithuanian, which is considered the native language by 85% of the residents. Since the country used to be part of the Soviet Union, people also speak Russian, especially those over 35. Even among Russian speakers, however, there is wariness about both Russia and advertising in Russian. 

Whatever promos or bundles you make, be careful with the language you use. In most cases, it’d be more appropriate to use Lithuanian. Other desks are not really relevant to this country. 

The official currency in the country is euro.

Employed residents can expect a paycheck of $1,200 to $2,000. Of course, licensed professionals with experience and top management have higher incomes. 

In any case, this is quite for a comfortable life at a basic level. But more often than not, Lithuanians also have a dream of better, richer life especially compared to their Tier-1 EU neighbours. 

People are not into buying expensive, luxury stuff, really. Residents’ attention can be drawn to such options as sending kids to colleges, buying a better house or a fancier car. 

There aren’t that many large cities:

  • Vilnius (the capital) – 580,000
  • Kaunas – 285,000
  • Klaipėda – 155,000
  • Šiauliai – 100,000
  • Panevėžys – 90,000

There’s little point in excluding other regions. First, the country is small, second, same can be said about their population. Third, the target audience can reside even in a small village of 20 people, because almost everyone has access to the Internet, banking systems and nice-looking paychecks. 

Best traffic sources: 

  • Facebook;
  • Google Ads;
  • Push notifications;
  • Native;
  • Pop ups;
  • Email.

Since the population is quite moderate, it’s problematic to scale in advertising networks representing push/pop/native traffic.

But you may be able to scale through the launch of advertising campaigns in several networks at the same time.

Lithuania: The people

Lithuanians love sports, especially basketball. You can also use singers, actors, and even politicians and businessmen in your celebs approach. Because people are generally okay with their quality of life, they trust the authorities and polititians.

People who can be considered opinion leaders in Lithuania:

  1. Jonas Valančiūnas. Basketball player
  1. Ingeborga Edmundovna Dapkūnaitė. Actress
  1. Asmik Grigorian. Singer.
  1. Modesta Vžesniauskaitė. Road racing cyclist.
  1. Gitanas Nausėda. The President.
  1. Ingrida Šimonytė. Prime Minister.
  1. Nerijus Numavičius. Lithuanian billionaire.

Additional details

Popular banks:

  • Swedbank
  • SEB bank
  • Luminor
  • Šiaulių bankas
  • Medicinos bankas
  • Danske bank
  • Garanti Bankası

Popular TV channels:

  • TV1
  • TV6
  • TV8
  • Lietuvos ryto TV

Largest internet media:

  • delfi.lt
  • 15min.lt
  • lrytas.lt
  • tv3.lt
  • lrt.lt

TV shows:

  • Troll Farm;
  • The Crown of the Kings;
  • Emigrants. Chicken Factor;
  • With My Own Eyes;
  • Naktis ir diena. Vilnius.

Even though this geo is rather a tiny one, high wages and the desire to live as good or even better than Germans or Spaniards pushes people to seek additional income sources. Even if they involve making some risky investments.

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