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Safeguarding Your Crypto Traffic: Key GEOs to Avoid

Crypto offers belong to the ‘gray’ zone. In most cases, they don’t violate the law of the country in question—and even if they do, nobody cares enough to take legal action.

But there are geos you want to be particularly careful with, as local authorities are very sensitive to citizens’ complaints on financial matters. Even the slightest suspicion of fraud might end up causing too many problems.

In this article, we will talk about the top 3 most dangerous geos for crypto, which you might want to avoid.


The United States does extremely well fighting for its citizens’ security. And same goes for the online ad market. US authorities have more than enough resources, time, and energy at their disposal, so your crypto offers—and your activity—can be easily discovered and prosecuted for.

The FBI doesn’t really care where the affiliate lives. Most countries will agree to extradite a criminal if the US asks, anyway. Besides, you can always catch up with a person later at some well-known airport in a friendly country during a flight transfer.

If the US wants to find you, in most cases, they will. This goes for you, the broker, together with your partners and fellow affiliates.

There are 3 ways to direct crypto traffic to the US and avoid problems:

  1. Reside somewhere in wild Africa with zebras and elephants.
  2. Work strictly with brokers licensed in the U.S. On the downside, forget about CC being able to persuade anyone to make an initial deposit. The processes are automated and after registration, it’s the user who gets to decide when to make the deposit.

    For this reason, licensed brokers often have lower CR (reg2dep) and longer lead processing time (deposits can take up to half a year or a year).
  3. Do not work with the USA.

TOP #2. Israel

The country itself was built to resemble the United States. No wonder when it comes to citizens’ security, the state acts in a similar manner. 

Israel swiftly and effectively punishes those who scam their people. It does not always happen immediately, but within a span of six months to a year, the chance of getting yourself into trouble is very high. 

You could try to target the Russian-speaking population of Israel, as a significant portion of this audience doesn’t have citizenship. However, at the same time, many do have passports, and the consequences would be the same.

Solutions are the same: hide, don’t work with Israel, partner with licensed brokers.

TOP #3. Ukraine

90% of brokers are located in Ukraine. And if you work against ‘your own kind’, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) won’t have to spend much time and effort uncovering, gathering proof, and punishing the organizers and participants. Brokers, call-center employees, affiliates—all fall under suspicion.

Other GEOs to avoid

There’s a good reason to stay away from Poland and France. There have been no arrests so far, but some red flags tell us that those states are just getting there. 

For example, Poland is blocking hosting sites, domains and searching for organizers. How long will it take for the authorities to move to harsher actions and sanctions? Shouldn’t take them too long, and nobody wants to be the first to get hit.

France is more dangerous for brokers than affiliates, but it is also becoming less and less safe to work with. 

Well, it’s been a while. Any chance I could get in trouble?

Yes, it’s possible you might face some problems even after a few years. 

Right now, those who are involved in the extraction and processing of gambling traffic are the ones affected most. Leads are being promised that if they do the specified actions in online casinos, like, making bets on the right slots and in the right order—they get the jackpot. 

According to most countries, this is pure fraud. Crypto deposits, in some, are legally considered to be the same. Over the last few years, schemers have been prosecuted, and the tendency grows. Even if they had long retired from the business.


If you care about your safety, in 99.9% of cases working with crypto traffic won’t bring you any problems with the law. Avoid working with the US, Israel, Ukraine, and some EU countries so you can sleep well at night and not worry about airport transfers. 

On top of that, consider working with licensed brokers in order for your actions to be considered fully legal—and not take unnecessary risks. 

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