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Кейс: льем крипту на Бразилию с профитом $60 000

Кейс: льем крипту на Бразилию с профитом $60 000

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I didn’t know how to drive traffic to crypto offers and I never learned it anywhere, until I bought a simple native advertising spy service and used a random pre-land with creatives.

At that time, Brazil had just appeared on Ivix, so I decided to try it out. Almost instantly I realized that the conversion is great and crypto traffic is super profitable!

The payout for Brazil was $300 per deposit initially, but gradually the rate increased to $325, and eventually, we agreed on $350. 

All the creatives helped us stay on top at first, so I’ll show you the ones that brought the biggest profit:

A screenshot from the tracker:

And here is a creative that resulted in a lot of registrations, but did not give any deposits:

Another bad creative that worked to the disadvantage:

And here are some of the texts used:

  1. A man from {Region} makes 2,580 Brazilian reals a day on this.
  2. Make 740 reals a day in {region}, from the comfort of your home.
    Residents of {Region} earn $350 an hour using this method.
  3. People in {region} become rich because of bitcoins.
  4. {Region} man earns 1,580 reals a day on this. 
  5. The rich don’t want you to know this! Earn $120 in a just minute.

To keep the CTR of an ad high together with a decent conversion rate, you need to use pictures with a lot of money (try out both dollars and reals) in your hand, near your laptop, on the table, etc. And sign it all nicely, using the user’s city macro to catch their attention. 

Pre-lands in the form of successful stories of people who made a fortune on crypto also play an important part in conversion. Without them, no one will make a deposit.

But people quickly get bored with pre-lands, and you have to make up new ones or edit the old work (that’s what I did), plus search for other people’s pre-lands at spy services. Or ask an affiliate manager, they can make them too. If there are registrations but no deposits, most likely the pre-land doesn’t work anymore and users register for the sake of interest, but not for earning. All this will be shown after you put pre-lands through split tests. 

I created the most profitable preload with the gas station attendant myself by modifying the one I found in the spy service. Below I add the picture, and at the end of the case there will be an archive with this pre-land, so you can study it back and forth.

The other pre-lands also did well:

I also show a pre-land which brought registrations, but few deposits. It didn’t catch the audience’s interest. I wouldn’t say it’s very different from the ones that convert well, you just have to run split tests, all the time.

As soon as a person leaves a request and goes through the registration process, they get a call from the call center rep. who explains how to make their first deposit and start trading.

And here’s the landing page the user gets to see after the pre-land. As you can see here, it also shows the name of the user’s city at the top. 

The first thing to do when working with traffic is to use a tracker and keep track of the sites from which registrations and deposits are made to collect blacklists. I attach my downloaded CSV file with blacklists on Brazil, if you want, you can upload it to your campaign in MGID.  

I can also show you a screenshot of the platforms that brought in the most money:

As for devices and OS, profits were coming from all but macOS and KaiOS.  

When testing crypto offers, I advise putting different creatives into different categories, as their traffic is different in terms of conversion. There are two categories available for crypto: Options and Currencies.

I used cheap hosting, $10/month, and also 5-7 domains for the pre-lands (sometimes they fell to the databases of anti-viruses). Also cloud tracker BeMob: no need to configure and it’s only $50/month.


Affiliate: (the amount is bigger because there were several sources, except for MGID but MGID gave 90% of the traffic).    


At first, I created several campaigns in the tracker, but then I realized that this makes no sense.


I got paid by MGID two times in two months with the biggest spent in the amounts of $1,603 and $1,254. From the Aivix affiliate from Aivix Store, I got many expensive gifts, worth about $3,000, some of which I sold, so I consider it to be a profit too.

Source: https://bit.ly/3xILDXK

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