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New to Gambling? Here’s a List of Top Geos to Start With

Fresh affiliate marketers choose gambling for a bunch of reasons. And rightfully so, as it can offer them a lot—a lot of money, simplicity, and ad rules that can be easily bent, vast target audience. Nothing can guarantee success, though. It takes months of hard work to come up with a unique and effective bundle.

In this article, we’ll be talking about one of the main components of such lucky bundles, the geo.

Some people say that Australia is a top spot for gambling. The conversion rates are unbelievably high, and so are the CPA rates. But the catch is, the cost per lead is unbelievably high as well. Which makes it tough for beginners to get the results they strive for. 

By choosing Australia as their starting point, a new affiliate marketer may end up having thrown away most of their money, fighting depression, quitting their dream job, and taking another one at the nearest gas station. 

To help newbies avoid such a heart-wrenching scenario, we’ll explore the top geos in gambling for beginners, where even with minimal experience, you can run ad campaigns and make money on that. 


As the history of humankind began in Africa, we shall follow their example and start our own research with it. Newbies like these countries because trying out bundles doesn’t cost as much—and the competition is incredibly low. 

New affiliates should know that testing a bundle costs 50% to 150% of the CPA rate. In Australia, it sets you back $100-450 (CPA $200-300), while in Africa, it’s only $5-15 (CPA $10).

Let’s check out some of the African countries.


A poor country where making $250/month makes you a middle-class citizen. Big profits aren’t likely but so are the losses. 

There are about 225 million people–that’s your limitless audience! They use the Nigerian naira (NGN) as their currency. Oh, and everybody speaks English. You won’t have to worry about translation or localization. 

Bright and bold ads work really well in Nigeria and can easily boost sales by 10-20%. Advertisers pay about $10 for FD ads, which is good considering low traffic costs. 


Another great choice for beginners. 18.5 million people live in Senegal, and lots of them believe in luck and choose gambling as their main freetime activity. 

При минимальном депозите в $1, как и в Нигерии, зарплаты здесь на порядок выше и могут достигать уровня $500-700. 

With just a $1 minimum deposit, as it is in Nigeria, salaries in Senegal are way higher, up to $500-700.

Their official language is French, and they West African CFA franc (CFA) as their main currently. Ads with famous local folks work great but follow the offer rules before using this approach.

Latin America

New affiliates can consider Latin American countries as well. Competition is higher compared to Africa but they do offer a better ROI and scaling opportunities.


The biggest country of LATAM with 220 million people living in Brazil. The social differences, poverty, and love for gambling make this place perfect for directing traffic.

The minimum deposit goes down to $1-3 with a fixed deposit of $30-45. Language—Portuguese; official currently—Brazilian real (BRL)

Big win and jackpot images really catch the eye. For most of our target audience in Brazil, luck is the only means to escape poverty.


Chile has a higher standard of living than most countries in Latin America. It’s a high-income place because of its developed metallurgical industry and the world’s largest copper export. 

Even though their quality of life is way higher, Chileans are passionate gamblers, which makes this geo perfect for new traders. Deposits start at $1-5, with FD payments from $30-60. The language is Spanish; the currency—Chilean peso (CLP).

Chileans love money, a good life, girls, cars, and stuff like that. Use it in your creatives.


Аграрная страна со средней заработной платой в $500. Хорошо подходит для первых проб залива трафика благодаря достаточно низкой конкуренции, даже по меркам региона.

Peru is a mostly agrarian country with an average wage of $500. Also great for testing because competition is almost non-existent, even compared to other countries in this region. 

The language to use for creatives is Spanish, and the local currency is the Peruvian Sol (PEN). The people are unsophisticated and they love gambling. Creatives don’t need to be too complicated—the simpler, the better.


India is challenging but can bring you lots of money, even if you’re just a newbie. It’s one of the most crowded countries globally and has a strict social class—caste—system. It’s a place of both extreme wealth and boundless poverty. This diversity is something you can exploit. 

India is a potential goldmine with around 1.5 billion people which is a giant market for gambling. Even though the competition here is tough, there’s a real chance to make a profit with minimum deposits ranging from $1 to $5, and new users usually bringing in $30 to $60.

In India, people speak two official languages: Hindi and English. Creating ad content in English would make things easier as there’s no need to translate anything. Indian folks love gambling, so go ahead and show off your product–how it looks and what it does—using those slots. Indian culture and religious beliefs play a key role which means promos inspired by Indian traditions can be quite effective.


As you’re only starting out your years-long affiliate journey, don’t rush to seek high ROI. Focus on refining your skills by testing bundles, scaling, and localizing your creatives. 

Beginners won’t lose much money due to the inexpensive leads and easy testing available. And in turn, you get priceless experience that can be applied later on in high-performing geos.

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