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How to Find Your Perfect Broker: Tips and Tricks

Not everyone is okay with having to direct their traffic through affiliate programs or networks.

On one hand, an affiliate program that has a name and authority acts as a guarantor, and the affiliate/team can be certain that if they perform their functions diligently, they will get paid. And on the other hand, a PP often provides infrastructure, helps with integration, and ensures all kinds of support.
On the other hand, experienced marketers and even more so teams, maintain all the infrastructure themselves. And they can get by without a guarantor because diversification plus high and consistent CR cover the potential risks.

As a consequence, there is a need to constantly look for brokers, with who to build a long-term cooperation, beneficial to both.

We’re going to help you by explaining how to approach everything. In this guide, we’ve collected the most effective tips on how to search for brokers — and find them.

Where to look for brokers and how to prove they are real

Many people think that different brokers bring in different conversion rates. In fact, there are only three factors that affect whether your traffic will convert with a particular advertiser:

  1. Matching traffic. 

Some brokers specialize in crypto. Others work with stocks and papers, and some deal with banking services. To understand what the advertiser handles best, ask which funnels are on their top. 

If they name stuff like the conventional Bitcoin Era — they are good with crypto. The Baltic Pipe, Tesla, Gazprom, Tinkoff, etc — stocks. And don’t forget to clarify if the broker already has a geo and desk you plan to work with.

  1. Telephony. 

You need to clarify the percentage of calls right away. Brokers who have problems with this question usually start to play up and cheat. Those who have everything in place will tell you the truth about their callback rate. 

Those pools of numbers sometimes get stuck in spam filters and people get notified accordingly when the call is made. A good broker regularly updates the numbers.

However, low callback rates can also be due to traffic problems. Don’t be surprised if people don’t wanna answer the phone if you use quizzes or Lead Ads.

  1. Payment methods.

The more payment options you offer, the higher is the conversion rate. First, if a user can’t make a payment directly on the platform, they might start having trust issues. To some people, if you’re redirecting them to another website = you’re pulling off a scam. 

Second, the complicated payment process itself reduces the conversion rate, because it’s hard enough to make people go to another website, much less use a terminal or create an account with one of the payment systems.

It’s also a good sign when a broker has a P2P system. All other things being equal, it’s best to choose a broker that has a lot of integrated payment systems. If the user doesn’t get a text message from the bank or the merchant rejects the payment, there should be other ways for the operator to help the lead make a deposit.

Finally, I want to share one more tip with you guys. Make your own funnels. They will always bring in cheaper leads, higher conversion rates, and better callbacks.


I would recommend a studio that develops crypto funnels on a turnkey basis — it’s our designer with a ton of experience in developing offers. And these guys have good accounts that we use for traffic. 

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