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How to create your own crypto offer and bring down lead costs

In affiliate traffic, like any other activity, the best profits come for those who act outside of the box. Usually, people just reach out to an affiliate network, take one of their popular offers, put it on standard prelends and landing pages, and start directing traffic. 

They even use default promos partners’ manager gave them.

Of course, in our field, people make money even with approaches this lame. The ROI of 30-50% is quite realistic, and many are happy with these kinds of profit.

But that’s not our way. We aim for squeezing max profits out of those offers and we’re willing to come up with new tricks and ways to apply them. I want to tell you about one such trick in this article.

Why creating your own offers bring down the costs

It’s clear that a fresh offer that hasn’t gotten the audience sick of it will convert much better than an old and ‘tired’ one. For example, in countries like Moldova, Tajikistan, Georgia or Kazakhstan, the classic Tesla offer brings in $8-11 leads, depending on the offer, the amount of traffic directed, etc.

And if you present the same audience with a new offer, like WhatsApp, which is gaining popularity, the cost per lead can easily drop to $2-3. With the same conversion-to-deposit rates!

As soon as we’d noticed this, we stopped working with standard funnels like Quantum or Nygma.

They bring in leads ranging from $20-30 to $70-80 in costs. The most expensive leads we get in Australia with a pre-set prelending page that severely screens out the audience, leaving only target users. 

That’s right, with regular non-clickbait creatives that make an emphasis on investment, we end up having a decent conversion rate and making some money. But why play small?
Fresh offers automatically bring down the cost of a lead by 3x times, and they do not reduce conversion to deposit in any way. Wait till an affiliate comes up with a fresh offer. Or make new offers yourself!

I’ll tell you right away that my offer on the same Australian traffic brought leads that would cost us not $80 but $25 on average. If you’re dealing with 100 leads a day, which is what we do, that brings a net savings of $5,500!

How to come up with a new offer 

There is an easy way. Get in touch with me, and I’ll give you a couple of places where they do it on a turnkey basis. 

But you can create offers yourself.

To begin with, think of the name and the main point. It could be a cryptocurrency platform, a technology from a well-known company, just a cryptocurrency, or any other idea that is trending right now. 

There is also the chargeback format, but I wouldn’t recommend getting there yet because the market is still emerging. 

Next, put together a video, and post it on your landing page — and this is how you motivate potential leads to fill out the registration form.

You can grab an actor who will talk for about 5 minutes following the script you gave them. Or record an audio track and find relevant visuals. Not every freelancer can nail a five-minute video, so either ask a full-time employee or do not cut costs if you wanna hire a person on the side.

Video is an important element of a landing page. But it’s not the only one. 

Every team should have an expert on landing pages. The right registration form, legal documents confirming the “official registration” of the company, and feedback from satisfied investors.

 All these components, of course, are tailored to the brand of your new offer. 
Now you gotta do a bunch of prelends for testing purposes. The main approaches we recommend are news and success stories. And leave just a bit of nativeness so that it’s not obvious that this is an ad page. Don’t overdo it with the links.

Connect Webvisor or similar software to the website, and track down the metrics. This is the only way to come up with the right conclusion on how this or that prelanding/landing page works.

The last step is to coordinate your offer with the call center. This can be done either directly or through an affiliate. Make sure CC operators understand where the leads are coming from and are able to properly communicate with people. 

After the first tests, CC adapts its scripts to your offer and the work can be scaled. 1-2 weeks are enough to create your new offer. And just another week goes for testing.


Of course, not everything you might try is gonna work. Sometimes three weeks of working on one offer result in wasted time, man-hours, and money. But does it really matter when the second, third, or even fourth attempt gets you an offer that saves thousands of dollars every day? 

And those results will stay with you for months ‘till spy services catch up. Sit flat on your bum with an ROI of 30-50% or make five attempts and get to 100-200%? Up to you to decide.

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