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How to Create Unique Crypto Bundles That’ll Go Unnoticed by Spy Services

An affiliate’s income always depends on their ability to find “cheat codes” in all phases of their work. From directing traffic to converting it in the most profitable way, there are problems everywhere and you need to know how to overcome them if you still want to make money.

Today we’re going to talk about one of those “cheat codes” used in crypto. It’s a tip that helps you create non-obvious profitable combinations, finding money in places that 99.99% of your competitors just couldn’t get to.

Call centers and desks

Usually, before they start looking for a new bundle of tools, the affiliate writes to their manager and finds out what desks the call center uses. Desks are the languages spoken by CC operators. English, French, Spanish, Kazakh, or anything at all.

The standard bundle is a geo and a desk with a primary language for that geo. For example, the Romanian desk in Romania. However, this approach has a significant disadvantage — competition, because everyone is directing traffic this way.

It’s much more interesting to direct traffic to Romanians living in other countries, for example, Germany or even Canada. First thing, there would be a lot less competition.

Second, a Romanian living in a more developed country will simply have more money to invest. And this definitely increases the conversion rates.

But here comes the problem: time zones. The call center operator must reach the lead as soon as possible, and the traffic must go to your landing page at the same time the CC is on the call. If you direct Romanian traffic from Canada to a CC that does not work around the clock, but during business hours in Romania, the accessible time frame goes down to 3-5 hours. This would be the only period when it’s already daytime in Canada and still daytime in Romania. 

But the problem can be solved.

How to direct traffic to migrants and how profitable it can be

Latvians in the Netherlands or Romanians living in Canada are examples of the most attractive crypto audiences in 2023. They can afford much more than their fellow citizens.

In Romania, salaries are about $1,000 a month, and the same Romanian in Germany will make $3,000-4,000. There is also less competition when working with this audience. And such a bundle is extremely difficult to discover because in spy services almost everyone is filtering by language. By the time they figure out how an affiliate directs traffic with a three-digit ROI and copy their bundle, profits will already be squeezed out.

The only major difficulty is finding a call center that agrees to process requests from migrants. To work with this kind of traffic, call centers need to work on their telephony, adapt scripts, and generally go the extra mile which nobody likes to do.

However, there is a partner network that specializes in such traffic and has already learned how to negotiate with CCs. AlterLab has already organized the Polish desk all over Europe and Canada. The Chinese desk, all over the world. The French desk works all over Europe. And then there’s Spanish, German, Italian…

They have a number of options. Most likely, the manager will be able to suggest an option based on your exact request. And even if the desired desk, in particular, is not yet up, together with AlterLab you can talk to a professional call center, work on their telephony and adapt all the processes so that traffic converts into maximum profit.

Besides, the network is ready to work with affiliates to test approaches and bundles around the world and eventually come to a consistent and immense profit.

Migrant traffic is one of the best in crypto at the moment. 

Low competition, high conversion, and almost complete invisibility for spy services. 

The hardest part is finding partners who can help you organize an effective call center in the right geo and with the right desk. AlterLab is the most experienced and professional partner on the market. 

Get in touch with a manager and use this life hack to get cheap targeted traffic.

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