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Discovering Estonia: A Small But Mighty Eastern European Geo

Estonia is teeny-tiny. Really small. And most likely, you won’t end up pulling in like 100 deposits a day from this tiny spot. But there’s still traffic here, and it’s super on point for cryptocurrency offers.

For the big volume lovers out there, just check our next case study or something. However, tossing Estonia into your list of must-have geos is a good point, if you’re savvy with European campaigns. Let’s see why. 

Estonia: The detailed overview

In 2023, less than 1.5 million people live in Estonia. And, fun fact, there are nearly 100,000 more ladies than gents. Just like its Baltic neighbors, Estonia is dealing with a population crisis. The low birth rate is not quite keeping up with the number of people dying.

Over a thousand people pack up their bags and leave each year, chasing dreams in wealthier parts of Europe or the US.

Internet in Estonia is quick and the connection is solid, putting the country high up the list in global rankings. The average speed is above 50 Mbps, and the monthly plans cost from 15 to 40 euros. The main country’s provider is Tele 2.

To us, it basically screams that all your sophisticated and functional landing pages are going to work like a charm. With a little optimization, everything should load up quickly on users’ devices.

The official language is Estonian. Most of the audience, 35 and up, has a solid knowledge of Russian. But, here’s the deal, due to Russia’s recent aggressive policies, trust in ads using Russian has taken a hit. You can still use Russian, but be cautious. And hey, why not give Ukrainian a shot while you’re at it?

The official currency is euro. The salaries are somewhat better than the neighboring Baltic countries, but not quite hitting the high notes like Germany, Spain, the UK, etc. 

In Tallinn, people get ~$2,000 a month before the tax takes its cut. The highest paychecks are given to IT guys and top managers.

Prices are generally lower than in Western Europe. You can buy a liter of milk for less than one euro. Chicken fillet goes for around 6 euro per kilo, and potatoes are about 0.5 euro per kilo.

With high salaries and low prices, the vast majority of Estonians are pretty comfy on a daily basis. Everyone’s got enough for a good house, decent meals, and some good ol’ fun.

Anyways, locals yearn for true financial freedom–the kind where you don’t have to save up for an iPhone or a trip to the Maldives. That’s the trigger you should use for your strategies. Flashy cars and fancy houses might not be as alluring as the feeling of freedom and the ability to afford anything their heart wishes for. 

Estonians could teach us a thing or two about saving money—everybody has a few dollars in their savings account. The investment culture is thriving here, so there’s no need to convince anyone that crypto deposits are an ultimate tool for financial level-up. 

Moreover, their mindset is heavily influenced by the opinions of well-known figures. People readily lend an ear to authorities.

Estonians don’t like haste. Your call center managers should be ready to work with leads that take extra time to make the decision. 

The people here have a thing for info that’s neat and to the point when it comes to products or deals. Your landing page better be loaded with all the details about the platform—show off its interface and give a deep dive into the profit-making methods. Oh, and videos? They’re your golden ticket.

And don’t forget the official stuff–licenses, docs, and reviews–all in Estonian.

The largest cities: 

  • Tallinn (450,000); 
  • Narva (54,000), where the Russian-speaking crowd takes the lead; 
  • Tartu (97,000).

No need to narrow down targeting to these cities only. The traffic is already limited anyway. Plus, people in every corner of the country have both the money and the opportunity to make deposits.

The top traffic sources are:

  • Facebook;
  • Google Ads;
  • Push;
  • Native;
  • Pops;
  • Email.

When it comes to crypto, Estonia’s a global frontrunner. This place is a hotspot for startups, and the regulations aren’t too tight. Almost every Estonian knows the ropes of crypto, and many even use it for day-to-day payments.

Estonia: The people 

People here trust both the politicians and the business representatives. You can totally use them for your promos: 

  1. Kaja Kallas. The Prime Minister
  1. Anett Kontaveit. A tennis player.
  1. Ragnar Klavan. A soccer player.
  1. Kaia Kanepi. A tennis player.
  1. Kersti Kaljulaid. An ex-president.
  1. Kristo Käärmann. The founder of Wise, one of the richest folks in Estonia
  1. Kaido Höövelson. A politician and a sumo wrestler

Additional details

Popular banks:

  • Danske Bank (Estonia) A/S;
  • Swedbank (Estonia) AS;
  • AS SEB Pank;
  • Versobank AS;
  • Tallinn Business Bank.

Some TV channels

  • ETV1;
  • ETV2;
  • Kanal 2.

Biggest online media outlets:


Hot TV shows

  • Suletud uste taga;
  • Villa;
  • Rannamaja;
  • The Bachelorette Estonia;
  • Masterchef Estonia.

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