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9 Top Proxy Services for Facebook: Choosing the Sharpest

For an ad campaign to get approved and start spending $300-500-1,000+ in crypto domain, in addition to keeping your head clear and skills sharp, you may also need some quality tools. A decent proxy service is one of those.

Mobile proxies are called the most trustworthy and simply best. Some people choose IPs depending on the geo they’re targeting, some put European IPs on Ukrainian accounts. 

In this article, we have prepared a list of proxy shops of different types (mobile/residential/server) and geos; the ones you can safely use in your set-up.

Mobile Proxy Ukraine

The seller works exclusively on Telegram, and proxy issuance is done through a bot. They provide only Ukrainian mobile proxies. Prices range from $3 for 24 hours to $39 for 1 month of port usage.


Mobile UA proxies that have long been popular with affiliates drawing traffic from Facebook. 

Three options to choose from: 

  • Shared. Speed of 30-70 Mb/s, but they’re given to 3-5 people at once. $7 for 1 week or $20 for a month.
  • Standart. All the same, but given out to one person only. From $3 to $50, depending on term.
  • Premium. Features high speeds of 60-100 Mbps. From $10 to $60, depending on term.

In all three plans, all popular Ukrainian operators are available: Kyivstar, Lifecell, Vodafone.


Another good-quality mobile proxy service that offers a speed of 50-90 Mbps. One port per person. Prices range from $10 to $45, depending on how long you want to use the service. 


An experienced seller offering a wide range of proxy options. They have various types of proxies available, from IPv6 to private mobile proxies. These proxies cover different geographic locations, from Ukraine to Kazakhstan, or Poland to the USA.

Prices vary, depending on the type of proxy, geo, and period. For example, American private mobile proxies will cost $141.5 per month:

The same ones but for Poland are cheaper, $70.75:

Ukrainian ones cost only $29,5:

Mobile Proxies

Seller of mobile proxies for a variety of geographies: from Ukraine and Armenia to the U.S., Israel, and the UK. Offers a free 2-hour test.

The cost, as in many other shops, depends on the period and the country in question. For example, Spanish proxies will cost $12 for 1 day, $71 for a month, and $658 for a year.


A service where you can generate your own ports by specifying the type of proxy and the target geo. Residential, mobile, and server ports are available. Traffic, regardless of geo and type, costs $3 per 1 GB.


An old and well-known provider of residential, mobile, and server proxies. Offer a free test. 

Fee per port and traffic:

  • Mobile. $0.3 port + from $13.14 per 1GB of traffic;
  • Residential. $0.3 port + from $7.3 per 1 GB of traffic;
  • Server. $0.3 port + from $3.65 per 1Gb of traffic.

Many geos available, including CIS, EU, Canada, Japan, and others. 


SOAX is positioning itself as a premium proxy dealer that offers options for both data parsing and traffic arbitrage. Mobile, residential, and server proxies are available.

For each type of proxy, there is a line of pricing packages ranging from $99 per month to $750 per month. Prices do not depend on the selected geo

Mobile proxy rates:

Residential proxies:

Server proxies: 

Also, you can get a 20% discount if you pay for the package in one payment instead of paying monthly. 

All plans offer a 3-day trial period available for $1.99.



BrighData collected more than 72 million IP addresses from 200+ geos. Mobile and residential proxies are provided by real people, so they are very trustworthy expendables for traffic arbitrage. Server addresses are provided as well. 

They set high prices, but those prices do not depend on selected geos. Mobile proxies will cost $40 per 1GB. Residential from $15 per 1Gb. If you pay for traffic packages, you can get discounts of up to 40%. You can also reduce the price by 10% if you get an annual subscription.


In 2023, there are plenty of proxy shops opening up. But can we trust the reliability of a port obtained just because a quick Google search says so? Unlikely. This list consists of only reliable shops to suit any taste, preference, geo, and budget.

We won’t be teaching our readers which type of proxy to use, at least not in this article.

However, even if you prefer to go for cheaper server proxies, make sure to choose a trustworthy seller.

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